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  1. And you know how that feels because?????
  2. You could always look into the side tank by Baja Designs. Holds 1.2 gallons and works well. I like mine. You can get them here on thumpertalk.
  3. So you are back in the saddle, so to speak? Did you have to fix your seat with a 'donut ring'?
  4. It's what I felt like I was riding Saturday in some of that sand. Next time I'll change my counter to a 14 tooth for sure.
  5. Slyko, You not far off on your assessment. I was just stating that it was a great weekend with great people and the riding wasn't that bad. Kinda far to go, but had to see what they had to offer. Not much beats Foresthill and other Sierra treasures. Heck, Carnegie is 10 minutes away, can't beat that for convenience, just a lot of morons riding there.
  6. BB, that didn't take long!! Probably shouldn't have got you started, but I couldn't resist! Hang around Tirebiter enough and he kinda rubs off on ya.
  7. Got our first taste of the desert around WRR over the weekend. Thanks to Metalmaster and the Mrs., her brother Erich, Emery "The 72 year old kid" and MojoRooster for a great weekend. Oops, can't forget Kyle(if I had he'd still be sitting in the desert). Good riding and fun conversation at camp. I hope that next time I actually get to ride behind Mojo, sure as heck don't want to follow him on the freeway!! The toxic donkey wasteland wasn't as bad as it was made out to be.