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  1. MxKx25


    how much would you sell the rolling chassis for? everything except the engine,pipe,and carb
  2. MxKx25


    that bike looks like it came that way from the factory looks like they chose to use the later 80's engine but a 500 is a 500
  3. MxKx25

    Top steering Head bearing, 06 YZ250

    happened to my 2003 mine had water from power washing be careful when washing the dust/water seal doesnt do a good job of sealing the bearings soo every year or so pull the triple clmps off and put some fresh grease in there.
  4. MxKx25

    How long does mixed gas last?

    pre-mix will stay good longer than regular gas.the oil stabalizes it thats why a two stroke can sit longer with out have the jet gummed up.if youre worried about youre gas going bad try useing a fitch fule catalyst.it will keep gas fresh longer,make old stale gas fresh agin and increases the octane rating.and youll also notice a seat of the pants difference in power.
  5. MxKx25


    anyone know of any kx500af's i would like to build one or maby buy one.or if any one has a roilling kxf450 chassis for sale im a interested.i herd something about "tracktime" that they would be making them but dont know if its true.
  6. MxKx25

    07 KX 250 Reviews

    I rode a stock 2006 kx250 on a motocross track an felt much more comfortable on the kawasaki than i did on my modded yz250.i think th kx is one of the best 250 two strokes right now.you cant go wrong with the kx.its darn fast for a stock bike too i was clearing jumps id never think of doing on my yz250.
  7. MxKx25

    Breaking in new 06 Yz85

    no need to that. i know it sound wierd no to listen to the manual but there is no need to pull of the head or cyclinder just heat cyccle the engin a fe times and ride it easy for a little while and youll be fine.
  8. its sad to see how four strokes ruined motocross, they took away the classic sound and now i dont like to go to the local track because its all goons on their overly loud fourstrokes.two strokes came first in motocross.people dont look back to the early 70s when four strokes didnt exist in racing and when roger decoster was winning races on a rm400
  9. it gives room for the rear caliper when the bike bottoms out. its supposed to be there.
  10. MxKx25

    07 YZ250 to 03 KX250 motor comparo...

    Get the yz its got a broad powerband that is useable in all conditions.and is very trackable in loose muddy conitions.