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  1. Muldoon

    07' mods. bogging like crazy

    looking to see what others have done with their 07' to get rid of the bog. Airbox, Full Dr.D exhaust, Stage1 hotcam, Smog block off JD Jet kit Red 4th Clip 165 Main 65 Leak 48 Pilot 1 1/8 out I have made 30+ individual changes then rode it. On the stand and off it will bog out. I cant find the sweet spot. any good things about the Q2?
  2. Muldoon

    Finally Steet Legal!

    What year is the X?
  3. What leak do you recommend for the 07' 450x? I have heard a number of suggestions and have changed mine a few times looking for the sweet spot. No luck so far. Thanks
  4. Muldoon

    Stock Compression?

    What is the stock compression on the 07 450x?
  5. Muldoon

    wouldnt start... gas in the pipe

    Bent float needle. thanks for the help!
  6. I am not a two stroke guy and I can't think of no better place to turn. a buddy of mine bought a '07 cr250 recently. He has less than 10hrs on it and was very diligent during the break in. this evening he went out to the bike to get it ready for the track tomorrow and found the bike would not start. The bike was running great when we went riding 2 weeks ago. He had just put a new pipe on it and was happy with the results. I told him to work backwards to and pull the pipe off to see if it would start with the stocker. When he pulled the pipe off he found it was full of gasoline. He had also noticed a small puddle on the ground about 3'' in diameter of fuel under the carb. like I said... smokers are not my area... any ideas? thanks!
  7. Muldoon

    2007 450X/ Rear Sprocket

    I was running 13/50 and loved the bikes ability to never quit on hills. I did feel that it reached the top of the gear to fast and it made it to easy to bounce the rev limiter if I was not careful. Today I put a 14t and loved it. Still had the low end grunt that I was used to and also had a much harder and longer hitting throughout the top.
  8. Muldoon

    cam help

    I would get a hotcam. For the money it is an excellent upgrade. I got a stage 1 for $125 with very impressive low end gains. Easy to install and not as hard on your valve train.
  9. Muldoon

    Worst Customer Service with GPR

    Thank you for the replies on boosting my opinion of GPR. I spoke with Randy yesterday and he smoothed things over. He assured me that the part would be at my house next day without hesitation. I had to laugh when he told me the rep i spoke with had the personality of a wet mop. I am chalking my bad experience up to the rep having a bad day. Randy was very helpful and put my mind at ease with the product I had purchased. Thank you again.
  10. Muldoon

    Worst Customer Service with GPR

    I usually do the same. I used to work in customer service and I was always more willing to help those with a great attitude. I didnt get pissy until after he made a comment that was inappropriate to say to a customer. I never did talk to his supervisor. although I am tempted to call back. I just want my damper to work again!
  11. Muldoon

    Worst Customer Service with GPR

    I hope so. I am not looking for handouts or trying to pass off my mistakes on others. all i want is to be treated with the customer service we all deserve
  12. Muldoon

    Worst Customer Service with GPR

    I didnt have the invoice recept to send with the unit. I was going to have the company i bought it from fax it to my work but we have been out of ink since and have not been able to get any for it (dinosaur fax machine) Found out this am that they could just fax it directly to GPR for me. Thats all I wanted from GPR was their fax number. Got a serious run around and lousy attitude. The clamp was powdercoated. There was a small amount of rust at the weld. it snapped clean off above the weld and had rust laced throughout the metal.
  13. I purchased a GPR stabilizer 2 months ago and couldn't be happier with it. I chose GPR because of the multiple "thumbs up" they had received for their product. 3weeks ago I was showing someone how the stabilizer works. My 13yo neighbor was sitting on my bike and we were switching the settings from soft to hard so he could feel the difference the unit makes. With the stabilizer on the hardest setting "8" he jerked the handle bars and the stabilizer post that the unit is attached to, snapped off. It broke right at the weld and had evidence of rust at the breaking point. I called GPR's warranty and sales office in San Diego and spoke with someone there about what had happened. He was very helpful and told me what I needed to do to get the part replaced. 3weeks have passed and I called back today explaining my story again and asking for a fax number that my invoice could be sent to. I have made multiple purchases for my bike. I have well over $3000 in addons and upgrades on my bike. I have dealt with many companies both in person and over the phone. As a whole the dirt bike community is amazing. Everyone is more than willing to help and never cease to impress me with how willing they are to go above and beyond to help out, answer questions and make sure everything is done right. Today is the exception. I have never received such poor customer service. It was like pulling teeth to get this guy to help me out. At one point I was so upset that I asked to speak with his supervisor... I quote "go ahead and end this call with your supervisor" he told me to have a nice day and hung up. He made comments like "what? you want me to hold your hand?" and "Hmm. sounds shady to me" My story was cut and dry. nothing sketchy about it. I was straight forward and explained what had happened. When I spoke with his counterpart earlier in the month he had no problems with what had happened and told me to send it in. unbelieveable. I am tempted to sell the part and go out and buy a Scotts. please tell me I am the only one that has been treated this way by them.
  14. Muldoon

    Curiosity on others and their 07'

    The 07' is a different carb. They changed the AP and the linkage
  15. Muldoon

    Curiosity on others and their 07'

    I have been messing with the carb for a a couple months now. I have probably made 30+ individual changes one at a time then rode on it. The bog is there while riding as well as on the stand. Curious to see what others have their carb set to with the same mods as myself