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  1. hellyhans

    2019 Honda CRF450L Features, Benefits, & Specifications

    Ok I will try to keep me temper down in the future.
  2. hellyhans

    2019 Honda CRF450L Features, Benefits, & Specifications

    I've been on this forum for years! This guy comes here, registers on the forum and posts false information.He has a dedicated YouTube channel and backs his affirmations like they are the truth when none of it is true. He posts in other forums and article comments bragging how he knows wtf he's talking about and works at Honda and we are just idiots. Ignorant people that try to start false rumors are what makes forums bad. This isn't a Facebook feed and we should keep proper information posted,not nonsense.
  3. hellyhans

    2019 Honda CRF450L Features, Benefits, & Specifications

    @HondaPro Kevin So mister I know everything? What have you got to say for yourself dumbass? Advpulse have confirmation from Honda that what you stated is bullshit. It's going to be close to the 450x HP numbers like everyone with half a brain said. http://www.advpulse.com/adv-bikes/things-to-know-honda-crf450l/ "There was a rumor going around that this bike only made 24 hp and we can say that is completely false. It looks like a European Honda site mistakenly posted the CRF250L’s hp number for the 450L’s. We asked Honda for a publishable HP number for the 450L and they said it was in the 40s. For dirt bikes, Honda (all OEM’s actually) don’t give out HP numbers since there are so many variables in dyno’ing the bikes. Also, Honda added that there is only a 4 hp difference between the X and L and that the cams and cam timing are exactly the same."
  4. hellyhans

    2019 Honda CRF450L Features, Benefits, & Specifications

    Yeah..im sorry and honestly don't care who you are...you come here and create your profile..have only 2 posts and quote bullshit that you can't prove via sources... Sorry no way that 450 is going to be 1hp more than the 250...have less then the wr and drz...Honda never posts or talks about hp for all there models.. Either post your sources or shut it. And wait for official press release and Honda presentation.
  5. hellyhans

    Brakes. Wave or solid?

    some posts here are complete bull by people who actually have no idea about the difference in brake design. Full rotors = Advantage:Better braking/PAD friendly good in muddy conditions as the rotor does not fill up with mud thus affecting braking performance. Disadvantage:They will heat up more...Depends if the brake is being used ALOT.. if its normal riding..you will not notice a difference and will be good to go. Drilled rotors = Advantage: Best heat dissipation, OK PAD friendly. Disadvantage:LESS braking power under normal driving conditions, gets better when warmed up. Full Slotted rotors = Advantage: BEST braking power, as the slots "cut" the pad with each pass, thus always creating an equally flat pad surface touching the disc. Disadvantage = NOT pad friendly. and bad heat dissipation during extreme conditions. Slotted+Drilled rotors = Less braking power than full slotted but better heat dissipation. Waved (galfer) = less braking power than slotted as it cuts the pad,but not equally. primarily used for looks/weight reduction. All in all.. it depends on what kind of riding you do and what conditions you ride most to choose the right combination of pads/rotors ( soft pads,medium,hard)
  6. hellyhans

    250x float bowl vs r float bowl

    Euh... WTH are you saying drill it? lol drill your carb? The carbs are the same except for the diameter of the bore on the R.. If I remember.. the X is 37 and the R 39mm The screw is located on the side of the carb and has a flat head screw..
  7. hellyhans

    4 stroke must die !

    Maybe you should have kept reading there buddy.. I never said an XR was a high performance motor, the OP was stating 2t vs 4t, nobody ever talked about high performance engines vs standard.. It was only another poster who said the OP was maybe referring to high performance engines... thats when I posted my comparison. And what classes a 4t being "high performance" ? That it can go up to 11k RPM? Other than that it has nothing else.. A CRF250R has 33.9 HP @ 11,000 rpm Max Torque: 17.0 lb-ft @ 9400 rpm and a 4t KTM adventure can reach 8750 rpm but its max torque is lower. But it was never a debate over high performance vs the rest. Oh and I ain't crying because you didn't give me points.. I won't have trouble sleeping tonight, next time read the reply posts before actually posting crap..
  8. hellyhans

    4 stroke must die !

    There are some models that do have issues with the valves like my CRF.. Yeah my friend has a WR and a YZF and they don't have issues with their valves... some bikes have problems some others don't. I was giving the example of how much my bike cost me because of the CRF valve issue.
  9. hellyhans

    4 stroke must die !

    Seriously I have no clue what the service is on 2t pistons.. All I know is from what I have read and people say is.. its alot sooner than a 4t.. Even if I refer myself to my owners manual I would have to service my piston every 15 hours, lol yeah your KTM 300 is built to last, its gearing etc is based for torque, its not a high reving 2t like an SX model. Like I said previously.. depending on the bike and what is was built for will make the difference between higher cost for performance or longevity.
  10. hellyhans

    4 stroke must die !

    Other than a catastrophic failure where your would have to replace the head and cylinder..its more expensive on the 4t. But maintenance wise... its ALL the same.
  11. hellyhans

    4 stroke must die !

    Also a rebuilt of a 4 stroke head to fix the valve issues is just a tad more than a rebuilt on a 2 stroke...maybe even less. What is it?.. ex: kibblewhite kit with springs is about max 350$, head recondition 30-50$... Piston ring change on a 4t maybe every 100 or 200 hours?=150$ so maybe 500-550$ tops for an engine can last about 200+ hours. a 2t piston job is what about 150? good for how many hours?? 35-50? 50hours*4=200 hours 4*150$= 600$ Comes pretty much the same 2t and 4t....
  12. hellyhans

    4 stroke must die !

    Maybe an XR is old tech and not "high performance" but take any new BMW GS or KTM adventures and they are "technologically" High performance/hi tech engines.. They might be in different categories for riding.. but I think they are still extremely high tech engines..
  13. hellyhans

    4 stroke must die !

    winter 2008/2009 I spent about 1000$ on my bike for the valves and reconditioning. normal complete greasing.New excel rims with buchanan spokes. Didn't ride much in the summer of 2009 about 8 hours. winter 2009/2010 I spent about 150$, new bearings everywhere..plastics..fork seals etc.. simple stuff Its a 2006 and this is the only major money I spent on it.. other than normal, wear and tear of sprockets, chains,brakes.. All in all I spent maybe 1500$ on my bike in repairs/tuneups This includes my rims and spokes..Does not include my normal maintenance of oil,brakes,sprockets,tires.. So I think this is EXTREMELY good I don't need the hassle of always thinking.. oh dam I gotta do a piston ring job every 25h plus new head gasket..new coolant etc.. Its fun that a piston is only about 110$, but doesn't include your headgasket,other misc parts and YOUR TIME! If I had to change my piston etc like your suppose to on a 2t since 2006, I can't imagine the costs.. its not just a 110$ job.. It always cost more.. maybe around 200$ with your gasket and coolant etc.. This in not even calculating your time.
  14. hellyhans

    4 stroke must die !

    I think you don't know how to clean a filter for your life with your 30 years experience.. I like to 2t, but would not trade my reliable! 4t.. look at all the touring bikes.. adventure bikes.. they are all pretty much 4t... made to last and reliable for long journeys.. XR, BMW GS, KTM adventures.. not one in there are 2t and they are the most reliable bikes ever made. It all comes down to how the bike is "maintained" by the user, if its abused or not... has nothing to do with one better than the other...
  15. hellyhans

    Richening Fuel mixture with tape

    No problem.. just make sure the tape doesn't get sucked in somewhere.... I used to do this to test my jetting... Also to lean out.. I would open the filter door to see if I was too lean or rich