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    tc450 on trails??

    the best coolant is water, the problem is your aluminum radiator will corrode. water wetter has the proper ingredients to keep the cooling system working correctly. it will definitely help. if you are using antifreeze dilute it 15% instead of 50%, this will make the cooling system more efficient. cheers
  2. willy69

    TC Motocrossers ??????

    hey everyone, new to this site. amazing to see racers in d17 riding huskys. we are thinking of trying huskies for 2007 and am trying to find info on them. my son will move to A class for 07, and think it would be pretty cool to put the hammer down on a euro ride. i am kind of leary about going away from the norm though (jap stuff). is there any suspension guys who know how to set the forks up to work? this is probably our biggest concern. any and all advice, warnings, support, and if you want to donate to the racing fund (HEE HEE) would be appreciated. cheers