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  1. i like her graphics kit. i wonder if she has any hidden ones...
  2. man thats beat up....
  3. I'm about 5'8 and 140lbs and i love my 250x. I cut the seat down a little bit to give me that extra leg reach to the ground and I have no problems riding the bike now. You won't regret getting the 250
  4. you guys were ripping! awesome video. i just moved to Florida for school so i may need to check that place out once i get my back here around summer time.
  5. IRS - independent rear suspension. i guess its cool............. for a quad
  6. haha it was kinda cool until the barrel roll
  7. The band is Hot Action Cop but i dont know the name of that song. im pretty sure thats the one from the old need for speed game.
  8. haha that was awesome. i like when he got paid in the end. he was reaching for that green haha
  9. no the other video
  10. what was it? i wanna know its a pretty cool song.
  11. yeah i agree with kshell it looks real. Stupid but real. i laughed
  12. lol cool pics anyways
  13. yeah i hate seeing the little guys spill like that but i give em props for being tough. crazy video
  14. that was a badass video and beaking benjamin kicks ass too:thumbsup:
  15. one of these days im gonna get that good on a quad. man i cant wait to be that sick