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  1. EKhatch

    Difference in plastic companies

    I wish you the best of luck. White isn't even the same across manufactures. Heck I've bought several things from the same manufacture (Acerbis) that were each a different shade of white. lol
  2. EKhatch

    What ratcheting screwdriver is this?

    Pretty sure Kobalt is the brand.
  3. EKhatch

    American Flat Track - Round 2 - April 7

    Unfortunately the new XG DNF's just about as much as the old XR's did. Will be interesting to see how JD Beach does on an oval against the rest of the top guys. He is a load of talent.
  4. I recently got a Moose/Zip-Ty oil filter cover for my 06 450R and when installing it I noticed the tolerances aren't nearly as good as the OEM cover. Where the machined parts go into the ignition cover where the oiling holes are the OEM cover is very snug. I would guess that there is ~ 10-15 thousandths clearance between the outside of the Moose cover and the inside of the OEM ignition cover. Normally I wouldn't' think anything of it but since pressurized oil is passing through this area it makes me think the OEM cover is machined to tight tolerances to make a seal between the oiling holes of the filter cover and the ignition cover. Will the loose tolerances of the Moose filter cover cause a drop in oil pressure or any other negative effects? Thanks
  5. Yeah I get stuff like that constantly from when I have made an online purchase but I hadn't heard a single thing from them in years and now all of the sudden I'm getting spammed. lol
  6. Has anyone else been getting emails asking to review their experience with Hammerhead Designs? I haven't ordered anything from them in about 5 years and in the last few months I've gotten 3-4 emails that appear to be from HD asking for me to provide feedback on my experience with them. I don't recall the exact sites but they are some of the main sites people leave reviews of their experience with a company such as Yelp. The really strange part is I am the last person they should be asking to review their company as my experience with them was amongst the worst I've ever had when buying parts online. It doesn't really make any difference to me as it's just one more email I to delete. It just seems odd after all this time and after all the BS I had to go through when I ordered from them all that time ago they would targeting me. Almost like they are just trying to screw with me some more. lol
  7. My 450R flat tracker is down for an engine rebuild so I threw the wheels and suspension on my 250X. lol
  8. EKhatch

    Looking for the best affordable exhaust

    Thanks for posting the photo steven22. I've been trying to decide if I want to go with their regular set up or one of their shorty mufflers.
  9. EKhatch

    02-08 what year for 2 layer head gasket?

    Just looking at some options of running an OEM 3-ring TRX piston but bumping up the compression a little. Thanks
  10. EKhatch

    02-08 what year for 2 layer head gasket?

    Thanks for the photo. That's kind of crazy. I wonder if Honda changed the part number recently. When I looked on Partzilla 05 and 06 where the same number. How recently did you get that gasket?
  11. EKhatch

    02-08 what year for 2 layer head gasket?

    Well looking at part numbers was interesting. Looks like 02-06 are all the same part number but 07-08 is different and the same gasket is used in a whole slew of 450X and TRX450's.
  12. I thought I had read somewhere that the earlier CRF450R's had a 2 layer head gasket. I just ordered a gasket kit for my 06 and it is a 3 layer so I am thinking it must be one of the models from 02-05. Or perhaps I am just imagining things and they have always been a 3 later. Anyone know if there was a model year that came with a 2 layer head gasket. I know there are various aftermarket gaskets in varying thicknesses but I am looking for an OEM gasket if I can find one. Thanks
  13. EKhatch

    Seal kit for engine rebuild?

    I ordered all the seals from Partzilla. I was already getting enough for free shipping and their prices are great on OEM stuff. Thanks for all the replies. Now I just hope I got them all on the first order. lol
  14. EKhatch

    Seal kit for engine rebuild?

    Dang that sucks to hear but that is good to keep in mind. I have seen a couple of Honda part numbers for seal kits but am having a hard time figuring out what exactly comes in the kits. Any ideas anyone? EDIT: Never mind. I was looking at a washer/o-ring kit not a seal kit.
  15. EKhatch

    Seal kit for engine rebuild?

    I know you have to get them all individually if you get OEM seals. I know a few places aftermarket ones in a kit, just not sure how complete the kits are. Either way sounds like it's worth it to just order OEM seals. I'll be getting everything through Partzilla so it won't be a big deal to just add them to the order. Thanks