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  1. fly racing

    Athena piston quality?

    I ran one of the 290 kits on my 06 wr250f for 1 year (sold bike). Never had to adjust valves and piston looked great. It was a great mod, that with the exhaust cam made it a really great bike. I'm about to trade my yz for another wr and do the same mods.
  2. fly racing

    2008 200xc-w strange clunking sound

    Hinson said it was the only one they had seen...I don't ride tall gears or fan it to death. My other bikes have never had problems like this one, and I've had lots of bikes. All work was done by my mechanic as well. I'm just not lucky with this bike... I'll have a brand new KTM basket for sale as soon as it gets here and I take the gear off the back.
  3. fly racing

    2008 200xc-w strange clunking sound

    took clutch out (blew up stock basket 1st week KTM fixed, replaced with Hinson basket, blew up basket again 1 month later. Hinson replaced) gear on backside of Hinson basket (stock KTM part)missing 4 teeth lots of damage to basket and internals...I'm not to happy with KTM right now.
  4. I have searched this site and can't find an answer to my problem. I have a 08 200xc-w with not too many hours. I took it out for a ride Sunday and after I took off a strange clunking sound started in the engine. This only happens when the bike is in gear with the clutch out. clunk, clunk, clunk. pull clutch in while rolling nothing. Clutch out clunking again. I am hoping it is just a clutch problem not a transmission problem. If anybody else has had a similar problem please let me know. Thanks