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  1. Hey i had a track built by Andrew and Doug and it turned out great. both of them ride so they know what they are doin. they can build it big or small easy or hard. the deal they gave me was cheap compared to others great honest guys. O and i had no dirt brought in so that would be extra im assuming thanks guys.
  2. i have an 05 450 and i used to start it by just kicking it now i have to find top dead center and then kick like a yamaha my friends started doing the same anyone know what causes this or is she just tired
  3. i wear size 15 my heart goes out to you hahahaha
  4. throw a 450x cam in it and if you can aford it a recluse clutch you can find them on ebay
  5. do not lap them, do not lap them get the seats done by a pro
  6. nice bike id say 4500
  7. i switched to a uni filter and it was easier ti get on make sure you wiggle it till you feel the cage slip over the tit that sticks out then put your screw in
  8. thanks guys
  9. I live near guelph ontario any one know any good trails
  10. hey i found that getting new springs and valving helped alot im a big guy too
  11. 05 450 wont start and it bucks me off the kick starter when i kick it im not a small guy it just started doing it yesterday anyone know whats wrong?