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  1. socal ktm

    Excessive valve clearance on RFS.

    I think this is what he is talking about. I entered into a race (HoltVille GP) anyway's the course got chewed up into a big 5' deep silt hole race. Silted my motor out good and had to do a complete rebuild top and bottom. Along with a lot of bearing's I lost the rocker arm roller bearing's which made a lot of up and down movement.....Look at the tappet end's dented in from excessive clearance. The shiny mark's on the rocker arm is from silt and dirt rubbing between. Even with all kind's of silt damage this RFS never quit running till after the checkered flag. Sorry to here about your bike and hopefully it will be a easy fix.
  2. socal ktm

    My new gopro

    Yep, But DP ended up with a DQ for missing check#1 And Cam got dinged also for missing check#8. Best D-38 finishers that year was Jake Oswald, Tuck, Ron Wilson, Craig Smith, David Wilson. Sorry about the link Im not very good with computer's. Dan what did I do wrong?
  3. socal ktm

    My new gopro

    CS105, Here is a shot of the top 25 08 National about 10 miles from the finish. I was at the end #1V right behind #N1A But by the time we got to the finish line I was 22nd overall. I was trashed at the finish after that year's B-loop. See you in march:ride:.http://www.racevisions.org/H&H%20Web2.mov
  4. socal ktm

    My new gopro

    Cubera, That's a good idea. Dont you think it would be cool to have a Hare-Hound race not a 2nd Nat but a D-38 H-H? The desert scramble's are fun but I think it would be a good change to throw in a 100 mile race that isn't a 4 lap same loop race into the mix once in awhile. Oaktown will be alittle change up in scenery I suppose:thumbsup:. 07 was a good year, That's when I had the time and money to hit every race and man there was alot of them. That #1 plate was expensive But that was my goal back then so it was worth it. Lucky for me it was 2007 (BC)....... before Craig:lol:. See you in march.
  5. socal ktm

    My new gopro

  6. socal ktm

    My new gopro

    That's video of the 08 National. I remember that waterfall section because I had a great race with #1 125 National guy through that entire section. He jumped down that 1st drop and I stayed left and rode down the side into the ravine. That section used to be good but last year they ran us through that sec again but it was way easy because sombody packed rock's up all 3 drop's:thumbsdn:. Hopefully this year they will surprize us with some new stuff. Or atleast run us backward's since somebody made the drop's into ramp's:thumbsup:. That is the best race D-38 has in my book, First loop is fast, Second loop is technical, Whoever is a better racer at both win's. You should really try and race this year's Nat. Best 50 buck race out there:ride:
  7. socal ktm

    more responce needed

    Ridden hard? Are you still on stock valves and rings? I would do a compression check, Throttle open spark plug grounded your looking for about 115 psi. Alot lower then I would do a leak-down to pin point the problem. But before all of this I would make sure my valve's are adjusted correct.
  8. socal ktm

    KTM Dealer in CA that gives good deals

    All American KTM http://www.allamericanktm.com/ Very nice shop and knowledgeable people.
  9. socal ktm

    Is the CRFx an outdated machine?

    Justin congrat's on the new bike. Is your 300 for sale? Live Oaks is only going to be open this weekend on saturday 8 to 2 and then closed for race weekend prep...I think they have the village loop open and tied into the rest of the course now. Me and Troy #2s are going to be up there to give it a go. You should try and make it up there also and get that new bike nice and dirty.
  10. socal ktm

    Baja .5k

  11. socal ktm

    Baja .5k

    Real good for D-38, We know how fast Cam, Craig, Kyle are. The 1000 should be exciting. Keep those finger's crossed.
  12. socal ktm

    Baja .5k

    Check the OFFICIAL results :lol:
  13. socal ktm

    Should I go to a 50 pilot jet???

    Check your mailbox sucka I sent that two days ago to you. Its probably hidden underneath all those honda parts you have to get all the time. Ok no more lurking or talking crap about eachothers bike's. We are a team this weekend and I don't want to put any bad karma on us.
  14. socal ktm

    Should I go to a 50 pilot jet???

    Dan, Is that POS Honda going to be ready to go sunday partner? Or are you still going to be shootin ducks with that thing. See you sunday bright and early.
  15. socal ktm

    Throttle return cable missing

    You can ride without the return cable on. I had mine break awhile back and have been lazy on getting a new one. I did not notice any difference using only one cable. I would run both that way you always have a spare.