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  1. I'm trying to find out what a gallon of c12 weighs. I seen pump gas weighs about 6.92 per pound. Would c12 be the same? Anyone got an answer? Thanks
  2. What is Kevin's number? I'm going to call him and order one sometime soon.
  3. Ear plugs. They help a bunch for starts. Won't hear anything and you'll be able to feel your engine more. Go to lowes, Home Depot, Wally World. Anywhere and get some of the orange ones. It's cheap and you'll love it after a ride or two
  4. Just follow these tips on chain tighting and your bike will run forever.
  5. I had the cylinder replated before the last top end, I sent them a piston to go with the cylinder. I sent it to millennium so I didn't meaaure that one. This time I had a race shop do measure for me and they said it was good(JB racing did it. They're a big quad shop). Also I use wiseco pistons. When it was apart for the last top end, the cylinder still looks good. It still had the cross hatch in it. Had a few lines up and down but nothing you should feel. Does anyone know what temps the bike Should be running at?
  6. Alright so I'm not sure if this is a problem or just in my head. I feel like the first lap or practice or first lap on a track my bike has more power than towards the end of a riding session. It's been this way for a few months. I just built it 3 days ago and it feels the same. It feels like it loses some top end the hotter it gets. Would being rich on the main do this? I would think so but I'm not 100 percent positive. 07 yz 250 Fresh top end(problem on last top end as well) Float height in spec. No leaks in engine( did a leak down) Stock jetting in 80 degree weather. Timing set at 0 degrees on 93 pump gas. Doesn't ping. Again I'm not positive if its even losing power, could just be me. Just wondering if rich jetting would cause this? The plug is a little on the rich side. Also I have some fx temp stickers and it usually runs around 185ish right when I pull of the track. Thanks guys
  7. I broke my foor 3 1/3 months ago. Had a plate with screws and a pin installed. I'm not cleared to ride yet but i've put my boot on (SIDI Crossfire) It's really tight on my foot but it's still swollen up. . Anyways these boots have good ankle support. I love TCX Pro 2.2's but I couldn't pass up the deal on these Crossfires. They're a close second in ankle and foot support.
  8. Do you plan to keep the spacer between the reeds and cylinder? Just wondering if they cut it down and you remove that, if it'll be enough room. Could you try it even if you plan to run with the spacer? I'm curious as I may pick one up, but don't want a crappy fit or my boot to rub the shock.
  9. Yeah that's what I did. I just ordered the updated kit and had them switch out shrouds with the stock ones. I don't like the look of them either so this worked out good and I like it.
  10. Sounds like a good idea in MX until you're trying to shift down in ruts while braking. Good way to break your foot and/or ankle.
  11. I've been bored lately with an Injury so here is my bike. This is before I crashed it. Since I've changed bars, put black rims on and cleaned the engine and frame more
  12. I know when I was looking for a clutch basket, none of them had the primary gear. (Edited - I got the gears confused) If you're interested, I have a brand new(never taken out of the box) Wiseco clutch basket that i'll make you a good deal on. Doesn't have the primary gear gear.
  13. Thanks! So next question. Is it a gimmick or something everyone gets?
  14. Alright, I've had my bike for 6 months. I've taken this piece out and put it in plenty of times, but now I'm home with a broken foot and wondering what it is? Not an OEM peice. Also has the same thing on the other side of the carb as well 07 250
  15. and I thought my family was the only crazy people to build up a pw50. When I was six we had a titanuim frame made, stroker motor, pw80 front end, Pax racing pipe and A shock but I can't remember from what/who. Only photo I could find
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