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  1. drzsporter

    getting ready for pikes peak! updated- WE WON!

    A big HUGE congrats to you guys for the win!!!!!!! Thats just fantastic to see the success of somebody that we here "know"
  2. drzsporter

    getting ready for pikes peak! updated- WE WON!

    Very cool! Best of luck to your team at the race! I just rode my DRZ up Pikes last weekend while I was on vacation in the area and it gave me a whole new bunch of respect for those who race up that road! There is very little room for error on many of those turns.
  3. Very well done. I love the do it yourself approach and like to do the same thing when I can on stuff.
  4. drzsporter

    Cal City Riding area in Danger !

    Thats no good at all. I love desert riding.
  5. drzsporter

    Stopped Thieves From Stealing my Bike

    Great job!!
  6. drzsporter

    wots the weather like?

    Sorry guys, Its about 70 and sunny today!
  7. drzsporter

    Praise for TT'er DontTellMeAboutCajun

    Always good to hear stuff like this! It makes you realize that there are still plenty of good people around despite what the newspaper says.
  8. drzsporter

    oil question

    I just changed to Motul 15-50 ester and am very happy with the results. Shifts smoother and is quieter.
  9. drzsporter

    I need to grow up (kind of long).....

    Some newer houses built near me have those round-a-bout things in the middle of the intersections that suck in a car but are freakin awesome on the DRZ!! There is a perfect little concrete ramp and flowers in the middle and if you do it right, you never touch dirt but just sky right over the whole hump. I about crashed from laughing so hard the first time I tried it!!! Or you can go full hooligan and roost some dirt out of the flower bed:p
  10. drzsporter

    Gas hits reserve at WAY different times....

    Well I learned today why my mileage has been lousy...I have been using the tripmeter and it runs slower than the odometer. I suspected as much so I set the trip meter to match the odometer when I got gas today and after 15 miles on the odometer I only had 12.3 on the trip meter. So I guess my bike does do better than 40MPG!
  11. drzsporter

    "done" with my SM setup.

    Nice! Looks a lot lot my bike I converted.
  12. drzsporter

    Gas hits reserve at WAY different times....

    Mine needs to switch to reserve when I get at about 70 miles on the trip meter. I have tried to figure mileage and been easy on the throttle to try to get better mileage a couple times and it still got the same. I don't think the trip meter is all that accurate though.
  13. drzsporter

    Took Eddies Advice

    Allright, you people converted me! I switched to Motul 15w50 in my DRZ and I am damn glad I did. It shifts so much better now that I can't believe it. It is so smooth and quiet on shifts and overall I believe the motor is quiter. Two quarts and a K&N oil filter = $26 and change. The bike has 3000 miles on it and the trans never really felt like it "got better with age" like some bike do after adding some miles but with the Motul, its really slick shifting. You guys have always had good advice, thank you!
  14. drzsporter

    $2000 Drz400s

    I remember finding a loose hose clamp that was causing a similar sounding leak.
  15. drzsporter

    Drz flys in San Francisco

    I approve of the hooliganism!