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  1. canuck479okfalls

    1996 CR250

    I had a 96 CR 250 and they are worth the time and effort to re do. Our local racing organization even has a special class for bikes that are 20 years old they call pre modern. The 1996 was the last of the steel frames and some consider one of the best 250 2 stokes honda made.
  2. Sorry wont be this weekend I am pulling the motor on my CR 250 for a waterpump seal and a few other things posible next weekend have you ever been to Hard rock in Ocala?
  3. I know how it feels to be a complete newbie out there at Croom you want to have fun but at the same time you don't want to look like an idiot infront of everyone so you ride real cautiously especially when you are out by your self. Good for you on getting out there. Where abouts in Florida re you from I am in Orlando maybe we could get together and ride some time my long time riding buddy took a job out of state a while back and I have not been riding dirt since.
  4. canuck479okfalls

    1996 CR 250 rear shock options?

    I have a 96 CR250 and the shock shaft is toast. I have found some on Ebay but most are really expensive. My question is will a shock from a different year fit my bike? The Honda part number shows my shock is unique to 96 but if another will fit and is more readily available from a newer year that would be great. Thanks.
  5. Anybody know the base air screw setting for a 1996 cr 250 I have a manual and it gives me the factory jetting numbers but not the air screw
  6. canuck479okfalls

    1996 CR 250 forks NEED SOME HELP

    Guys I have also found some CR 125 forks for decent price I know the upper fork is different but the lowers look the same can anyone comfirm they are the same or not.
  7. canuck479okfalls

    1996 CR 250 forks NEED SOME HELP

    Guys I need some help!! I just bought a 1996 CR 250 and when I got it home and was cleaning it up getting ready to replace fork seals I found the left axel holder was broken. I am looking for a replacement but have had no luck with Ebay and Honda is too expensive anybody have any other options or will I have to sit and troll Ebay until one comes up? Thanks guys I really appreciate any help I am hoping to race some harescrambles this year..
  8. I have had one on my DRZ 400 for several years and it is holding up to the abuse of trail riding I will be buying another for the CR250 I just bought.
  9. DRZ 400 have owned one for about 6 years now ride to work most everyday and with knobby tires can goes most anywhere beat the crap out of it and it keeps coming back for more.
  10. canuck479okfalls

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I 44 right now and started when I was about 11 on some friends bikes thena few years later my dad bought my brother and I YT 175 3 wheelers "I loved that thing and would definetlyhave another" after about 19 did not ride again until about 30 when I bought a street bike then about 6 years ago a freind got me into dual sports so I bought a DRZ 400 S which I still have and ride to work regularly and love it on the trail and even took it to the MX track a couple of times. Last year I started thinking about maybe racing a Harescramble at first I thoughtr I would just run the DRZ but I quickly found out I dont have the skill to ride it for 3 hours in the woods so after a lot of back and forth" I think my wife and kids were ready to kill me, I bought a used 1996 CR 250 R and am working on getting it ready to race this season. My goal is to race at least 3 of the local Harescrambles and maybe a couple MX races all in the beginner C class.
  11. I have had 2 sets of 606 and found then a good compromise decent offroad traction but wont where out too fast on the street so long as you up the tire pressure.
  12. canuck479okfalls

    what did you do to your cr today

    I just bought it and brought it home and then even before it went in the garage it got a bath.
  13. canuck479okfalls

    1996 vs 1997 cr 250

    Thanks guys your opinions and others help me alot I just purchased the 1996 CR 250 for $900 it need some work mostly routine maintenance looks like it never actually had any. If you are at any of the Florida trail riders events and see FTR # 479 C please stop by and say hello I would like to thank all who helped in person. Again thanks guys.
  14. canuck479okfalls

    1996 vs 1997 cr 250

    looking at 2 bike for sale near me a 97 and a 96 what are peoples opinion? Which would you choose and why. I would definetly appreciate any real word advise on this. I am a beginner/intermediate rider and the bike will be used for harescrambles and mild MX track fun. Thanks.
  15. canuck479okfalls

    Motovan Yay or Nay?

    I am also looking for a van I have had a full size truck 2 ford ranger extra cabs and jeep cherokee and have come to the conclusion that since I can realistically only have one vehicle it is going to be a van set up to carry 4 people. I can transport the bike or lumber from the hardware store and the mileage is not any worse than the F150 or the ranger I currently have. I say go for it.