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  1. imarcr2

    Kdx 200

    Bike was prepped at the dealer. Bike is started every other month, then run with petcock off until the bike dies out. It is stored in my garage which is dry and semi heated. Thanks
  2. imarcr2

    Kdx 200

    Please PM me for offers/price requests Thanks
  3. imarcr2

    Kdx 200

    Chicago Area
  4. imarcr2

    Kdx 200

    I love 2 strokes! I used to have 3 RZ-350s. After I sold my last one, I wanted to have a 2 stroke in the stable, and given the eco-weenies I pulled the trigger on the KDX as 06 was the last year for the bike. It is literally brand new. Guaranteed to be the nicest one in the country....can't get better than new!
  5. imarcr2

    Kdx 200

    I thought ADV appealed to bikes that could be plated, but I guess many people have plated KDXs Thanks guys
  6. imarcr2

    Kdx 200

    Hi Guys, I will wait until spring, unless someone sees this thread:smirk: That being said, it has been a while since selling a bike....what do you recommend? cycle trader, craigslist, here?
  7. imarcr2

    Kdx 200

    Hi Guys, I am primarily a street rider but bought a 2006 KDX 200 new. Since then, I have ridden it.....ready for this..... .6 miles. I think I have given myself ample opportunity to try to make time to ride, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. I paid just over $4k new. How much do you think I should ask for this bike. It is absolutely new. Always stored indoors, the tires have never seen the dirt. I am embarassed and a disgrace to TT! One redeeming result has been my discovery of DS riding. Having a street legal bike to get to a trail is a real plus----don't intend to sell my DRZ anytime soon. Thanks for the help guys!
  8. The truck has a 8 foot bed. Does the condor style wheel "chocks" have a pickup application? Bill
  9. I finally bought a pickup, so no more towing with my Mazda3! I am planning on installing a Rhinoliner, but my question regards tying the bike down. What is the preferred method. The truck is a full size GMC and I might want to haul two bikes in the future. I want the most secure method without having a rail or other permanent fixture on the floor of the bed. Thanks, Bill
  10. imarcr2


    Hello All, I am wondering if Buffalo or FVOR would be better for a new off road rider. I was planning on FVOR but would like your opinion. I plan on going first thing in the morning and have heard FVOR is better for beginners, but they allow quads, which worries me!
  11. imarcr2

    First Ride of the New Season

    Those pix are inspiring. I just purchased my 06 KDX and can't wait to hit the trails....well when the weather cooperates! Side note, I have heard the chains on the KDXs are really poor quality. I had thought about replacing it before it ruins the sprokets....any input? Bill
  12. imarcr2

    New KDX

    Thanks for the suggestions. Anyplace online that details greasing the steering head and suspension linkages? Spring has almost sprung, and I am ready. I paid $3350 out the door...actually they delivered the bike for that price. One more thing, I live in the Chicago area and wondering where would be a good place to ride? Keep in mind, I am a complete off road beginner. Thanks for the help, Bill
  13. imarcr2

    Trail Riding Crossroads DRX/KDX?

    Hey Kevin, It looks like your 4stroke sees more action that your KDX!!! I am hoping to do the exact opposite with my DRZ Bill
  14. imarcr2

    New KDX

    Hello all, I spend most of my time lurking in the DRZ forum, but I thought I would introduce myself here. I just picked up a leftover 06 KDX. I looked at several used ones, but just couldn't find a good one close enough, so when I found a local dealer offering a new one for a good price I decided to take the plunge:ride: One question: before I take the bike out for its first ride, is there anything I should check(or mods that I should buy)? Thanks, Bill
  15. imarcr2

    Trail Riding Crossroads DRX/KDX?

    Well, the decision has been made. I purchased a new leftover 06 KDX 200. Hard bike to find in good shape used. I paid $3350 out the door, so I am happy....and I can keep my DRZ in good shape for commuting!