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  1. KTM pilot

    RV is DOWN

    This will be the resurgence of KTM domination in outdoor motocross, like they had in the mid-1970s with the 250GPs. Dungey is the new Moiseev.
  2. KTM pilot

    RV is DOWN

    This will make Dungey a shoe in for the outdoors! KTM rules!
  3. KTM pilot

    What Helmet to Get?

    Glad to hear that your shoulder is healed. Now, if you are tight on money, go out and buy a Harley. That way you don't need to buy a helmet. Instant $400 savings!
  4. KTM pilot

    How can KTM afford?

    It even happens to the best, Joel and Roger.
  5. KTM pilot

    2 stroke dual purpose

    Burn Gas.....Haul Ass!!!