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  1. jiberry27

    whats the gas mileage on a drz400

    usually 50 to 53 on street, has not seen enough dirt yet. but soon it will.
  2. jiberry27

    extra wheel set for dirt

    I have the stock 15 front sprocket and 44 rear. the E rear sprocket is a 47. did the math and it seems like a ok ratio for the dirt.
  3. jiberry27

    extra wheel set for dirt

    I just bought a set of wheels and tires from a 05 drz400 E. Im going to use them on my 06 drz400 S. is this an easy swap or am I missing something? going to install this weekend.
  4. jiberry27

    3x3 mod and jet kit with stock exhaust

    So I should just wait and do all at once.
  5. I have 06 400s have the money to do jet kit and 3x3 mod but have to stay with stock exhaust for now. going to put yosh full exhaust on later. will I have to rejet again when exhaust is changed
  6. jiberry27


    Thinking about driving to Hangtown this weekend (about 9hrs one way) Wondering if it is a good spectator track. Go to Washougal every year and seem spoiled by how good it is.