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    1982 xl500R WONT START!!!!! help!!!!

    Well with more investigating I believe it may be a compression issue I removed the spark plug and held my finger over the whole and I did not seem strong but I dont have the right fitting to hook gauge to it however when I tow start it the motor gets hot and it backfires out the exhaust all the way up the road but when you use starting fluid and kick the bike it blows flame back out the carb. CONFUSED!!!!!
  2. I Bought a xl500r last week and have been playing with it and can not get it to run, I cleaned the carb, changed oil, new spark plug new fuel. I am losing my mind. It has great spark, it is getting fuel and I got tired of kick starting the bike so we towed it up the street and all it would do is pop and studder, again it has fuel, and has spark, what am I missing?