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    450x top end build help

    I ran it in cuite hard taking all the gears to about 3/4 throttle and then letting it run down to wash all the contaminents out,,did this for about 2 tanks...never laboured the motor and never let it rev to high
  2. Bushcat

    450x top end build help

    Is what im doing right,I just rebuilt my x,s top end,the cylinder measured in spec so i gave it a light hoan to a matt finish for the rings to bed into.. what do you do to a nicasil barrel at ring change i used the old valves to lap the seats and used enginers marker to check the seal on the new valves,seal was dead centre and corect width on all.. what is the hondas method of dressing valve seats before installing new valves the bikes compression is way up and stable,i ran it in on mineral and swiched to synthetic,,,if i let the engine winde down for a long time and give it a fist full it puffs and on long rides after about 300 km its burnt off half the engine oil....when i swich back to mineral the smoking and consumption is less. all info welcome Bushcat