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  1. i did a search online for DOXO racing and i ended up finding someone selling them on ebay. they're the only company i knew of that made decent graphics for the WR.
  2. 2003 450 with new graphics
  3. a clock that shows how many revs your engine is doing. what would you call it?
  4. does anyone know where to get a rev counter for a 2003 wr450 from? i'm sure i've seen one before but i can't find any. i basically want to know where to buy one (preferably in england), how much they cost and how to fit it. thanks
  5. yeah thats how it goes round these parts. thats why i'm going on a huge shopping bender in NYC next month.
  6. excellent, thanks. i done a search for cemoto and found those 2006 graphics for sale. they look really good. do you know who makes those 2004 sets? wouldn't mind a closer look. thanks.
  7. i know this is a total newbie question but i'm new to bikes in general and i was wondering if anyone knows where to find good graphics for a 2003 wr450? the stock graphics are the only thing letting my bike down, everything else is mint but the stickers are scraped and peeling at the edges. the only cool graphics i can find are for YZ's. any help much appreciated. thanks
  8. this is mine, bog standard apart from the wheels and huge front rotor.
  9. funnily enough i also live in sunderland. i've been asking around trying to find somewhere to ride my first bike and i've just been told about these blokes you have to pay £30 membershipbefore they'll tell you anything though. the people who actually use green lanes are very protective of them. where is the one legal track in our city then? i'm not aware of any.
  10. i know for a fact it's got new oil and filter in as he was busy doing it the first time i went to see the bike. just a shame he couldn't be bothered to finish the job!
  11. i just bought the bike and the person i bought it from had just changed the oil. he must have put way to much in. what's the quickest way to get it down to the proper level? could i just undo any of the drainage bolts and let a little out at a time?
  12. it's a 2003. the bike won't jump start either. i've had the seat off and the clicking is coming from the battery area but i'm not sure where the starter motor is to be honest so it could be that what's clicking. thanks for all the help anyway!
  13. i got it running off the kick start so i've narrowed it down to the starter motor. can a starter motore be fixed or do i have to buy a new one already? i've only had the bike 4 days.
  14. i tried to check my oil for the first time the other day and when i unscrewed the dipstick oil started running out. does this mena there's too much oil in? should i let some out incase it blows a seal or something?
  15. hello there, i just signed up because i think this place mgiht solve my first 4 stroke problem. i was riding my bike yesterday and it started cutting out. it restarted no problem a few times but then it wouldn't go. it was turning over so i thought that the battery was low or the plug was fouled. anyway i got home, put the battery on to charge and took the plug out. the plug was black so i cleaned it up. i put the bike back together now it won't even turn over. i just get a really loud and repetitive clicking sound coming from the battery, air filter area. i have no idea what this means. any ideas? i'm dying to get back out on my bike please help!