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  1. cca

    Constant throttle sputter

    my bike have same problem somewhere between 5.000-5.300 rpm. when i checked the spark plug ( after keeping bike in that range for 15 min ) i found nice color, which is unusually. also, crankshaft have some small amount of up-down free play and transmission oil is burning. some connections?!
  2. cca

    crank bearings

    Before I bought my bike, I have heard lot of good opinions about Honda quality and thats was main reason to buy it. Now I m faced with this experience. I have chosen Castrol TTS for same reason. On the package is stated that this oil is for premix and for engines with oil injectors!? Honda recommends (owner's manual) using their Honda HP two stroke oil, which is half-synthetic. TTS is full synthetic, which means better, isn't? Bike has been seating in showroom of the official dealer for more than 5 years, before I bought it. Maybe this fact is somehow relevant for the trouble? I really don't know what to think. Splitting cases on almost new bike...
  3. cca

    crank bearings

    And what is your opinion about replacement of bearings? Shall I buy original parts from Honda or we have better solution on the market with higher quality?
  4. cca

    crank bearings

    Hi guys, here is the link to the official site of Honda italia: http://www.hondaitalia.com/moto/default.html If you want to see brief description of bike, you have to choose "prodotti", "modelli fuori produzione", under "cilindrata" choose "da 50 a 125" and click on "cerca". The sixth on the list is my bike. Site is on Italian language, but you can easily understand technical data. There is information that it has 25 hp, I don't know why. Under my knowledge, bike has never been imported in US, only for european market. differences between crm 125 and crm 250 is only the engine capacity. I m so disappointed from Honda. My son has some cheap Chinese no name scoot and he already made 20 000km without any problems. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=3874040&noquote=1# Bang Head
  5. cca

    crank bearings

    Hi STILL_KICKIN, this bike is street legal version of cr 125 made from Honda Italia. Engine is oriented for enduro use and I think that inside parts are more for longevity than performance. It has only 20 horse power. I ride usually on mountain's dirt roads. But, maybe you are right, maybe I'm expecting too much. Thank you for your opinion.
  6. cca

    crank bearings

    Hi CharlieT, thank you for your answer, movement on the flywheel is up and down. my fear is exactly what did you say, some factory mistake.
  7. cca

    crank bearings

    Hello. My bike is Honda CRM 125 r from 1999 and has 10 000km. Engine makes a lot of smoke and usually after 100 km I must add transmission oil. I have changed crank seals, but situation is same. Flywheel has some free play and maybe this is a sign of worn crank bearings!? I would like to know is there some acceptable free play or not at all? I m new with two stroke engines and any suggestions are appreciated. I just can not understand how this is possible to happened (problem starts with 4 000km on the dashboard), especially having in mind so expensive Honda engines and Castrol TTS oil (oil pump is ok). Sorry for my English. Thanks.