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  1. Hey Dave.........Since I bought a house in Utica I have been just riding around here. I got busy last year racing a lot of mt. bike and MX races. How things? Been riding a lot? Bill
  2. I see you are I did not notice the R. Let me know when your available. We could meet up. Bill
  3. Are you street legal?
  4. Just goes to show you how F-UPED are society really is!!! A kid has to loose his life cause some A-HOLE could not deal with the noise.
  5. Give Dave or I a call. I sent you a PM with my cell#
  6. We could possibly meet you some where DriftWood. We will be around the clevland area. What direction would you be comming from?
  7. Dave.....I got your PM I will call you later. We would be alright with 4 or 5 people. Knobbies are nice, but I think you can get by with out them. Most of the terrain is wide trails. It could be about a 20-30 mile ride. When could everyone meet? A KLR would be fine for the terrain. Bill
  8. Dave.........would you be trialering your bike to work? I could get out and ride after work. I could be home by 4:00. If you would like to check out the area. Let me know. BILL
  9. Dave.........let me know when you want to ride. I keep telling you to let me know when you want to ride. BILL
  10. XT DRIFTWOOD........I live right in Verona Beach. Next time you are there give me a shout. BILL
  11. How about some details and pics? I am kind of curious to see what I missed. BILL
  12. Could someone post a time and a meeting place where everyone is meeting? What type of terrain would the ride consist of? Thanks BILL
  13. I can ride during the week except for Tuesdays. Give me a shout. BILL
  14. Who is up for a ride around the Verona area? Lets put something together. I know of some decent trails by Oneida Lake. Bill
  15. Could any one elaborate a little more as to how many miles of dirt roads and trails this ride will cover? And maybe a little more detail on the type of terrain. Thanks BILL