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  1. I sold my Husqvarna WR 250 a while ago and now I am searching for a new bike. I am a novice and the bike is going to be raced. My Husqvarna had more than enough power anywhere for a small 65 kg dude like me. It had probably been wiser to buy a 125cc or a 250F in the first place. Power wise, both should be easier to use than my old 250 2 stroke. I felt that I had a hard time keeping a fast pace (by my standards) for a long time with Husqvarnan, I became very tired quickly if I tried to drive hard. I drove more “calmly” than a could drive for 2-2.5 hours whit out being worn out. Was it the power curve that tired me out? Or was it the 108kg the Husqvarnan weight? Which made it hard for me? It was a long time ago I test drove the smaller bikes. The only comparison I have in "modern" time is a KTM 125cc I tried last summer. It was like a moped compared to my 250cc. In a bike magazine from 2006 they weigh a different Husqvarnas. WR 250: 108kg. WR 125: 101kg. TE 250 116kg. TE 250 is 8kg heavier than WR 250! If you bought one, will it worn me out fast as me previous WR 250? Because it is so much heavier? Or will the smoother power curve to do that I can run longer at a faster pace? The best would probably be a Husqvarna WR 125, it is more economical. But the TE 250 is a lot easier to find. The big question is really why did I get tired? Was it the weight or the power from the WR 250?
  2. My KTM 640 petrol tank has started to leak again from an old repair. So I am looking for a new tank. I have a KTM 640 Adventure from 2003. Does any model year 1998 to 2007 fit my 2003 model? I have a tank from a 2005 I am thinking of buying. I have looked at blueprints and I think it will work but I wanted to hear whit you guys, just to be sure.
  3. I hade a problem on my front fork, the chrome pealed of and I didn’t understand why. So I bought a new pair of used forks on ebay. The only thing I took from my new fork was the inner fork tube. The rest of the parts I took from my old forks. Including the Teflon bushings (is that the right word?) After one hour off riding the chrome has pealed of from my new inner forktube to. So now I wonder why this happened. I noticed that some of the Teflon on the Teflon bushing is missing and there is a scratch in it. You can se the brass at some places. Can this be the source of the problem? It is a pair of marzchocci 45 mm on a Husqvarna WR 250 if it helps…
  4. Lime

    The engine turns over slowly

    I have clean the starter motor but it did not help. Well I am chasing a ghost so here is another question I cant find the answer to in my workshop manual. What jetting should I use? I am at sea level and the temperature is about +18C. The last owner had a 198 main and that feels way to big. A 62 in low speed nozzle, and the original K32 (?) needle in the 3 clip. It feels like the bike suffocates in it own fuel when I am trying to start it. It has the orginal Delorto carburator. My manual says that I should have a 36mm Mikuni! ***??? I have never heard of a SM610S whit a Mikuni. So not much help there...
  5. Lime

    SM610S Cold start problems

    Where in the manual do I find this? I want to se the pictures so I understand which number is to which button.
  6. Lime

    The engine turns over slowly

    I am using the starter motor. I have an extra starter motor I maby will try later.
  7. I have a Husqvarna SM610S from 1999 that's really hard to start. One day I was on my way out fore a ride the bike dies after 500 meters just like it got no fuel. And after that the it the engines just turns over slowly. I checked the piston, cam, cylinder. The battery, every wire and connection. Everything is mmmkay. When the bike starts it runs fine but it just take ages to start it I thought it was the auto decompressor spring so I changed the cam to another used one (whit a better spring) But the trouble remains. Am I missing something? Whats happens if I take the old cam and just change the spring? Will the engine turn over faster? Ore can it be another problem?
  8. Lime

    any info on Husaberg/KTM FI 2-strokes?

    Yes I know but I don´t think KTM will use Husaberg as a testpad for their 2 strokes. Husaberg have allway produced higheperformans 4 stroke bikes. Who wants to buy a 2 stroke Husaberg? Their slogan is "4 stroke force"
  9. Lime

    any info on Husaberg/KTM FI 2-strokes?

    Where did your hear that? Husaberg will never produce a 2 stroke.
  10. Lime

    Grey oil?

    Crack?! Now I am scared No it was just the seal at the waterpump... I hope...
  11. Lime

    Grey oil?

    I have changed the seal at the waterpump. I have a couple of more things to do then I can go for a testride.
  12. I need to changes the rubber gaskets on my front brake because they are leaking. My Husqvara dealer only sells the gasket whit the “piston” and that´s way to expensive. I know that KTM has Brembo brakes. So the gasket for KTM brakes might fit my Husqvarna? But exactly what KTM has the same brakes as my Husqvarna? Ore could any other bike have the same brakes? My bike is a Husqvarna WR 250 from 2006. I have some trouble to find the exact English words here but I hope you understand me...
  13. Lime

    Grey oil?

    Water? Yes water! I have removed the clutch cover, but to get the “water-pump-thing” (the rotor/propeller) lose was a challenge. Do anybody have some god ides?
  14. Lime

    Grey oil?

    I have a Husqvarna WR 250 from 2006 My gearbox oil is grey but it does not have that “goo” felling you usually get when you mix oil and coolant. I cant tell if there was missing some coolant because I changed it right after I bought the bike and I haven´t driven the bike since then. Could the clutch plates make the oil looke gray? Ore do I have a leak into the gear box? I know the normal place is a gasket behind the water pump... If I start the bike and remove the radiator filler cap. It looks like there is the storm of the century in the radiator. Could it be like that because I have a leak in the system?
  15. Hellu I have a Husqvarna SM610S from 1999 and the rear disk is worn out. I am a cheap bastard so I don't want to buy a original Husqvarna disk that's to expensive. I can get a after market rear disk to a WR, TE, CR, TC from my lokalbike dealer. Would any of them fit? Do any other bike brand have the same rear disk as my Husqvarna? It is a long-shoot... But you never know...