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  1. sv6501

    Carbuation issues

    Thanks So, basicly the lag in the linkage is what's causing the problem? On a good note I finally got it to idle ok. 2 turns out on the screw at 900 ft above sea level.
  2. sv6501

    06 KX250F for me?

    I went from a 2003 kx250 to a 2006 kxf250. I couldn't be happier. Aside from a bad crash on my second ride with the new bike, I love the thing. I got cocky. The bike will improve your riding. Just remember to set the sag and change the oil after the first ride. The only problem I've had is the chain. It's crap. I've never had a chain stretch so bad before. Get a new one asap.
  3. sv6501

    Carbuation issues

    I've got a 2006 KXF250. I've heard that you can do some simple mods to help me with a throttle response problem? I'm pretty sure that my problems are a result of the TPS or the excel pump? Basicly the bike falls on it's face when I crack the throttle off the corner. I'm riding the thing like a 2 stroke. Help.