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    '06 SM610 Studder - Yet again

    Thanks Snaggle, i have read that thread several times and done everything suggested. I have JD red at 5, 75 main, actually whatever JD specified for 7500' altitude. (I don't have the install form in front of me) The important part is that it acted exactly the same at 3000' in Phoenix. Best, Ross
  2. OK, here's the gig. 06 with 350 mi maintained by maintenance freak, raced last weekend at Firebird without incident other than a lowside. PS it will go 104 mph with stock gearing I think I have read AND done everything possible to fix this mid throttle stutter. Just to review, JD jetting - along with an hour consult with James Iridium plug TPS disconnected All grounds checked and made perfect Smog stuff gone - yes the vacuum manifold is sealed Checked the TPS electrically - OK but still disconnected The engine starts and idles fine and runs OK at full throttle. I'm left thinking that it has to be ignition mapping yet nobody at Husky will own it. I hope to switch out the coil with a friends SMR450 and see if that fixes it. I'm open to any suggestions and really appreciate any help. Ross