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  1. They pre-installed the furnace here, part of the price. Also having AC installed. Picking up the E3 Saturday.
  2. I've looked a bit at the 14rt, but first I was unable to find any weight rating for the cargo area. My local deal who stocks both didn't seem to have that info either (they are definitely pro-fleetwood also). Do you have any info on that? Also, the slide out on the Fleetwood gives a bit more room for the baby I think. Looks like we can put a small crib in there. With the Starcraft I think she'd end up in the middle of the floor.
  3. Hello all, first post, but i've already read tons of great info here. I wasn't able to find any info on this with a search, so here goes.... I'm looking at these Fleetwood Evolution E3 popups/haulers and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with them good or bad. It can be had locally for under $12K for a new 2007, a little more with added AC. http://www.fleetwoodcampingtrailers.com/series.aspx?id=3 I'm getting started in harescramble/enduro racing, and the wife would be much more forgiving if she and baby could join me comfortably. And she loves camping and grew up camping in a pop-up so she really wants one. For the next couple of years I'm limited to a Nissan Pathfinder for hauling, 5000lb limit, so can't do a true toy hauler yet. Thanks for any input.