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  1. lifeisnow

    [B]Crf 50 TRans CAN IT hold Up?[/B]

    How well does the 2006 crf 50 trans hold up, 3up ...can It handle 117cc of fun for the long haul or should I consider upgrading NOW??
  2. lifeisnow

    Where to find Xtreme Pro stock 125

    What does he do different than one that is allready built? how do I get in touch with him?
  3. lifeisnow

    Where to find Xtreme Pro stock 125

    THought I'd see where the best place to buy a xtreme pro stock 125 is, I'm in SW MO about 3hrs from Guy Cooperws place. What are these things going for new? Man there is still this little voice in the back of my head saying "build your own crf 50" "if you build it it will go" but I think I would be poor when I was done. Thanks for any help RP
  4. lifeisnow

    New Guy seeking advice from the experts.

    I'm looking for a xtreme pro stock 125 I live in MO any ideas where I can find one close by and what are these selling for? Thanks