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  1. Have 3 tickets for sale for Vegas SX tickets together, section 129, row 17, seat 23,24,24 includes early entrance paid $170 per ticket have the receipts, bought through UNLVtickets
  2. jeep0128

    Going to Anahiem area.....

    wow thanks for all the reply's, have to check with the wife and decide where I want to go....
  3. jeep0128

    Going to Anahiem area.....

    Taking a trip to Disneyland from Canada, anybody know of any aftermarket clothing /parts stores in the ares....ie BTO, Motosports outlet...etc thanks
  4. Nice post Nomadak, I am a chiropractor and use to race about 20 years ago. Back then we were wearing open face helmits and jofa chin gaurds. I look back and think what the hell was I thinking?? Things change over time as we wise up to the new technology available that can protect our bodies. I lost a close friend while I was racing and in the 12 years I raced 3 fellow racers are now in wheel chairs. The problem is so widespread, we only hear about the big name riders that get spinal injuries like Baily, Magoo, Fonsaca, etc. At the local level many young riders recieve serious spinal injuries we just never hear about. I just got back into riding, and at 40 yrs of age, with a family, this leat brace was a no brainer. As a doctor, probably the most frustrating thing I see on a daily basis is people really don't realize how important their health is until it is gone. Without it, you really have nothing. Yes it would be nice if it was cheaper so it was more affordable for everyone, but just ask yourself what is REALLY important.
  5. I got mine the other day. Being a chiropractor, and having an understanding of the biomechanics of the cervical spine, and spinal injuries, this brace looks pretty impressive. It feels confortable on (not riding with it yet, still snow up here in canada), and is actually fairly adjustable. There looks to be alot of thought into this brace just by its design and construction. I was going to dump my money into my suspension, but that will have to wait....for now. I have a brand new EVS RC3 neck brace for sale.....cheap.
  6. jeep0128

    mdk graphics kit

    Talked to Flu the other day, about the MDK graphics, this was his email reply... I will not have the 07 MDK kits until middle of Jan 07. The 06 kits are sold out... Thanks, John
  7. jeep0128

    Help with 2007 CRF450 Suspension

    I had similar problems with my 06 CRF450R, I am 200lbs before gear, and on the big hits it felt like my arms were going to pop out of the socket, I was riding today, and I backed off the comp setting 3 clicks and it made a big improvement....but I am not an expert.....
  8. I really like a sensative front brake set up, on my 06 CRF450 I am not real happy with it. I was going to upgrade to a stainless front brake line and possible oversize rotor, however I have heard the 07 CRF450R front brake is incredible. My question is how hard would it be to retro fit the 07 onto the 06? How different are they, or would it be cheaper to go with the oversize rotor and stainless brakeline???