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  1. I keep blowing the o-ring head gaskets on my Athena 144, Athena makes a new head now for the YZ kit that uses a better head gasket, does anyone know if the Athena YZ head works on the Athena KX cylinder, Ive called a couple different Athena numbers here in the states and they dont know if theyre compatible, does anybody on here know?
  2. crfktmfan

    Athena 144 YZ head

    I havw a KX125 with the Athena 144 kit, it has the o-ring for the head gasket and they keep blowing, Athena now has a one piece head with a non o-ring gasket, but they only make it for the YZ kit. Does anybody know if the heads for the KX and the YZ kits are the same, looking at pictures they look like the same head. I think they just dont market stuff for the KX cause the bikes are no longer in production and sales of those kits arent selling much.
  3. crfktmfan

    ohlins forks n shock 2013 ktm 450

    Heres what I want to know, how come if this guy says he has had all these other suspension experiences in the past, and now has tried the Ohlins stuff and thinks its the best, why would anybody feel the need to crack on him? I mean, do some people think that he cant feel a difference between all the different stuff? And really, what difference does how fast he is factor into if he can tell what he likes better, does a persons sensetivity level increase with speed or something? Im a 47 year old guy that is slower than peeling paint and I am very sensetive to suspension stuff. Ive had the MB1 Works stuff done to brand new stock stuff, and I later had an A-kit on the same bike, I could tell a difference between them. Im just curious how all this works.
  4. The quad tendon tear is no good at all, I tore my right one a little more than a year ago, Dr. Sanders fixed it. At 5 weeks I was able to take the brace off. At 4.5 months I rode about 10 laps, my knee felt fine but from there up to my shoulders it felt like I got run over by a truck. Mt knee did swell up in the days after that so I didnt hit the track till Feb, it was closed anyway so no biggie, I was able to snowmobile like normal all winter though. Its a little over a year since surgery now and its good but I still hesitate to run hard, though I did play softball some this summer. Keep your chin up and working the leg in the proper manner, it'll be good. Forgot to add, I got some CTi knee braces also, custom fit is good!
  5. crfktmfan

    New to me 05 RM 250....

    That bike looks nice, I have a 06, mostly stock, you will really like it.
  6. crfktmfan

    Dr Mark ACL Surgery 6/23/10 - Chronicle....

    Dr Mark did my acl almost 3 years ago, I found that it helped a lot to take a day off from exercises every now and then. When I exercized again after a day off I could tell a big improvement from the days before that.
  7. crfktmfan

    IRC M5B lovers speak up!!

    I had one on my 06 YZ250 for a few laps till it got a flat. The tire seemed like it was way to tall knobbies and made the bike handle goofy, maybe the dirt was to packed for that tire. Ive heard guys can climb some mean sand hills with that tire though.
  8. crfktmfan

    ACL Recon

    They didnt really blow smoke up folks rumps back then, did they. That is way below average.
  9. I really think i heard the guy in the rear mumble in Norwegian, "I wish I never got outta bed today".
  10. crfktmfan

    Calling all Showa A-kit owners

    I have an A Kit on my 06 CRF450 and it isnt anything like you describe, I will settle for it being real good when I get it to be real good. And its not as good as the stock components with all the "Works" stuff from MB1, not even close. Maybe you got lucky.
  11. crfktmfan

    Weapon MX

    I met Bill from Weapon at a track close to Portland, he didn't seem one bit like the type to shaft someone. He said they hand make each pipe in low quanities. They don't go tjru a distributor and keep the cost down that way. The downside is it could take a while to get the goods. Really small operation it seemed like. He stuffed 2 of my tanks full of foam for cheap.
  12. crfktmfan

    Calling all Showa A-kit owners

    I hope you didnt think I was calling you slow and picky in my earlier post, I was referring to myself.
  13. crfktmfan

    A kit differences

    Unfortunately, that means there are just that many more areas to mess up the whole thing even more.
  14. crfktmfan

    Calling all Showa A-kit owners

    The key word you used is "should". Going to the shop in person will give someone a better chance of getting what you want. Id really like to see a suspension company's, one of the bigger ones, methodology for getting a slow picky vet professional practice riders suspension setup.
  15. crfktmfan

    A kit differences

    Yeah, I'm finding out even the springs vary from one A kit to another. When its all said and done, how do you know if the sting in the midstroke is valving related or tube diameter/thickness related. I rode mine the other day and put everything almost full soft and it felt better than it has yet.