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  1. dbDawg06

    Motorcycle Stand Questions

    Hi Everyone, Here are the pictures of the stand with a roller base that can come apart - Click on the link below: www.ignitionproducts.com/Downloads/Stand-RollerBase-1.jpg www.ignitionproducts.com/Downloads/Stand-RollerBase-2.jpg For more info and pricing - please send an e-mail to info@ignitionproducts.com
  2. dbDawg06

    Motorcycle Stand Questions

    Hi There, Ignition Products offers an aluminum stand and a base with wheels on it. I will post pictures and pricing tomorrow. Thanks Colleen Ignition Products
  3. dbDawg06

    Rad Cap with Thermometer Built In

    Hi There, We at Ignition Products have the exclusive distribution rights for this product in Canada and it's called the Thermocap Rad Cap. These retail for $34.95 - but unfortunately they do not fit the KTM bike at this time. We are working on a rad cap for the KTM and we can let you know when it's ready to go. Please send us an e-mail at info@ignitionproducts.com and we will keep your e-mail on file for when the product is released. Thanks Colleen
  4. dbDawg06

    db Dawg Silencer Insert

    Thanks CR85! The db Dawg for your bike would be $34.95 + taxes and shipping. All I would need from you is again a measurement of the inside diameter of your exhaust outlet opening to make sure recommend the dB Dawg that fits the best.
  5. dbDawg06

    db Dawg Silencer Insert

    To answer your questions: thumperwestler - I just want to confirm that you are talking about the 2007 CRF150R - if so we haven't tried the insert in that exhaust as the bike has just been released in Canada. It will work on this bike - all I would need is a measurement of the inside diameter of your exhaust outlet to know which dB Dawg would fit the best. redrider7202 - you can get in touch with us through the e-mail address I mentioned in my last post or give us a call at (905) 683-3785. We are in the process of setting up distributors, but until that happens you can order one from us direct. I would ask that you do the same thing though and measure the inner diameter of your exhaust outlet as we haven't installed any on an XR model yet either. Thanks for your inquiries - I look forward to hearing from you. Colleen
  6. dbDawg06

    db Dawg Silencer Insert

    Hi There, I am posting a reponse to everyone that has questions about the dB Dawg or where you can find info on the dB Dawg and here are your answers! www.ignitionproducts.comor you can e-mail us at info@ignitionproducts.com As riders and racers ourselves, we know that it is essential to the survival of our riding areas and to our sport that we all take this noise issue seriously. How you choose to do that is up to you - we simply offer you an economical solution that actually works! Please feel free to contact us with any/all dB Dawg inquiries! Justin Moore Ignition Products