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  1. I got the plastics with the graphics, the wheels and the bars from a buddy who was parting out one of his bikes. I'm not sure where he got any of this stuff though. Oh, thanks for the compliments. The best thing that I have done so far is put the 114cc bbk on. World of difference in power and now its taller geared with the addition of the 12 rear.
  2. My SSR90 Before After Graphics, 114cc BBK, taller bars, softer seat and 12 inch wheels front and rear.
  3. Well, it ended up being the spark plug. I took the plug out of the CRF50 and put it in the SSR90 and vice versa and both bikes fired right up:applause: Why would it work in one and not the other? Anyway, thanks again for all the suggestions and help.
  4. I'll give that a try first then. Thanks.
  5. I thought it may have been the switch until I checked the plug and it was firing. I was kinda hoping it was the switch so it would be an easy fix, but oh well!!
  6. Yea, its getting a spark and fuel to the carb. I am going to take the carb off tonight ad check it. I looked at the plug and it looks like its getting wet but not flooding. I did check the vent cap and it seems to be functioning. BTW, I purchased this bike from you (Outlaw) and it has been doing great till now. I'm sure its nothing major though (I hope)! Thanks for the reply.
  7. I have a SSR90 and it has been running great and has never failed to start on the 1st or 2nd kick. Yesterday, after riding I unloaded and tried to fire it up but nothing happened. I checked to see if it was getting gas, it was. Then I checked the fire and it is firing. It still has plenty of compression. What should I check now? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. How many teeth are on the factory countershaft sprocket for the SSR90? And will a Honda sprocket fit? I want to go up a tooth so I can get more use out of 1st.
  9. The gas tank was damaged during shipping so I bought some permatex sealant and sealed it up so I could ride until the other tank gets here. I went through the breakin the other day and today I was able to ride on our track. Man, this thing is so much fun!!! My only complaint so far is the rear shock is very stiff, but it did feel like it was getting better though. My son rode the klx110 and I rode the SSR90. He was faster but he only weighs 75 lbs to my 210 lbs. We switched bikes and he still beat me on the 90. First gear is basically useless. What gearing would help this out? Anyway, here are some pics below. I bought the bike with black plastics but I also got white. I have to get graphics so it want be so boring.
  10. I have just one thing to say, OutlawPowerSports is the place to buy from!! Outstanding prices and above all outstanding service. I received my SSR90R today with damage from the shipper. I emailed Outlaw and within an hour I got a reply saying he would make things right. Thanks again Outlaw.
  11. Does anyone have any info on the 125 SA?
  12. I am still undecided. Now I have found I can get 3 different bikes for the same price but I have not heard anything about one of them. It's a SSR125 SA. Does anyone have any experience with this bike? Which one of the following 3 would be the best buy? SSR125 SA, SSR110 A1 or SSR90R?
  13. I have narrowed my choice to either a ssr110-a1 or ssr125 c3. I just don't know which would be the best. I only have a budget of $900.00, so in order to get the necessary upgrades, I believe these 2 are my only choices. So my question is, which one would be the best for a 5'-7", 210 lb person? I would like to jump a little too. If anyone has any advice please let me know.