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  1. mjvoket8

    Rm250 top end Rebuild Questions.

    compression looks good. your jetting is rich. resulting in all that melted chocolate, spooge, and causing your experienced sluggish performance. check out the jetting thread and RM set-up "database"
  2. I miss my RM. And I 2nd getting that SST off ASAP.
  3. mjvoket8

    expansion chamber repair

    fetis.....&%$#@!in' dooouuuche baaaaag
  4. mjvoket8

    expansion chamber repair

    I've use this dude in the past. Great work & turn around time. If I remember correctly it was like $50 to blow out some monster dents, dings, and do some welding. It's fairly local for me I just drove it over, shipping costs for a pipe probably suck though.
  5. mjvoket8

    Lebanon Valley MX Track News

    Any updates? This process seems excruciatingly long...no wonder there's no tracks around here
  6. mjvoket8

    Need Quick Advice! 04 RM250 no spark! (pics)

    ive been to a number of rodeos myself. plug did the trick.
  7. mjvoket8

    Need Quick Advice! 04 RM250 no spark! (pics)

    i appreciate your response. bottom end went last september. only took it out twice since the rebuild and it was cold november. figured id be safe with new parts and run it rich for the few hours i put on it at the end of the season. I wasnt aware that 1 clip=2-3 main sizes. My thought was richen the needle where my 05 is and runs fine (NECJ-5) and go 1 main fatter. Obviously too rich i suppose, but better than running too lean with a fresh motor for 5 or so hours, imo.
  8. Background: Bike is in excellent condition. New bottom end, top end, went through whole motor. Has about 5 hours on that work which i preformed myself so I know it was done right. It's jetted rich from the fall, 170 main, 48 or 50 pilot, NECJ-5. My usual summer jetting is: 168, 48, NECJ-2. I started it up and rode it last week with fresh gas and clean carb. ripped it around the yard and put it away. it was deffinetly rich but ran well. Wheeled it in and changed the oil. Problem: Went to meet up with potential buyer last night. Drove 2hours in pouring rain with bike in back of truck. Get there and the bike wont start. Got loaded up and backfired once. Then wouldn't want to turnover. Tryed pop starting, doesn't even want to ignite. I suspected fouled plug from flooding it and extremely rich jetting. Pulled the plug and it was black as ever with lots of carbon deposit. cleaned it best i could with sandpaper and checked the spark against the jug. No spark. Then a few times very weak spark, not the bright blue arc I know it should be. Didnt have another plug so tossed it back together, threw in a leaner main jet for the hell of it and gave it another shot, to no avail. Potential Cause 1: Fouled plug, jetted way too fat for yesterdays 85+ degrees and 100% humidity. Plug is just shot, replace plug & re-jet. Do they actually stop working to a point where cleaning wont fix? Potential Cause 2: Electrical deamons. Something got wet from rain & 70MPH driving? (I powerwash it and it always starts?). Killswtich circuit short? Stator fried from ground caused by water? CDI shorted from rain? Coil, wire, plug cap? Again, I never had a problem with this before and it ran perfect last week. Potential Cause 3: Wet air filter. Cutting air supply making rich condition even worse. Filter didnt seem too wet. Wet enough to suck water into carb though? What're your thoughts guys? DSC02582 by mvoket, on Flickr
  9. mjvoket8

    Lets see The Rm's

    thanks. ebay
  10. mjvoket8

    2004 RM 250 Project thoughts

    just finished my 04. have fun. DSC02575 by mvoket, on Flickr
  11. mjvoket8

    Lets see The Rm's

    DSC02594 by mvoket, on Flickr DSC02553 by mvoket, on Flickr DSC02582 by mvoket, on Flickr
  12. mjvoket8

    04 RM250 - pulsing &/ knocking

    ^air leak somewhere
  13. mjvoket8

    04 RM250 - pulsing &/ knocking

    so i rode it hard yesterday on my corner track. getting a better seal between the airbox and rubber boot was the ticket. no more pulsing/hanging idle. i did notice when i was warming it up a few drops of antifreeze came out of the overflow...i know that never used to happen...
  14. mjvoket8

    04 RM250 - pulsing &/ knocking

    its just an overbore,on a cast iron sleeve, not a BB kit, i think it comes out to like 253cc
  15. mjvoket8

    04 RM250 - pulsing &/ knocking

    so I was impatient this morning and sent an email out to Wiseco prior to calling them. I got a response after I had spoke with whoever it was i spoke to over the phone. Heres his response: "You should not have to do any jetting changes. I would just do a plug check after you get it broke in to make sure it's not lean. The oversize piston will draw a little more air in which could lean it out a little bit. Regards, Alan Pizzino Technical Sales Wiseco Performance Products" So basically I need to either lean out my jetting or richen it up, haha thanks for the help, I think I'll toss a coin. A little irritating to get conflicting responses from Wiseco