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  1. Air Head

    What do you guys think of my bike,

    Aren't you that kid who were posting posts on how to lose weight on ATVriders a while back? Did you ever lose weight? Nice 125!
  2. Air Head

    what do you guys think

    Nice Bike! What year is it?
  3. If your asking what quad to get I would say get a YFZ450. I have one and it's incredible.
  4. Air Head


    Nice bike
  5. So you can ensure you will have a clean and dry bike to work on but on the side count you do how ever live in the dry/hot state of AZ I will let the bike dry for about an hour or two after washing and then install the graphics.
  6. Air Head

    Quadtards !

    I give credit to the quad rider. Whats life without taking chances? :thumbsup:
  7. Air Head

    Sold my 99 WR 400 and

    Nice bike! How does the two compare to each other?
  8. Air Head

    new to me 2000 300 EXC

    Congrats on your buy
  9. I would wait at lease one day after you ride to install the graphics. of course after you clean the bike real good also
  10. Air Head

    supercross the movie

    They made the mistake to call a dirtbike a quad That's a disgrace to the quad world
  11. Air Head

    Monster Blaster Project

    Looks like you have a monster quad
  12. Air Head

    How much more power?

    Oh' I'm about 5 '9 and I weight 210 and I being riding bikes for 4 years.
  13. Air Head

    How much more power?

    I being riding my '93 CR125 for about 2 years now and the power is getting boring... So I am thinking about buying a used '00 RM250 How much more power does the 250 have compared to a 125? How much more power does a 250F have compared to a 125?
  14. Air Head

    Post pics of your CR's

    Here's my '93 CR125... I'm going to touch up the chassis and buy more plastic for it, put some goodies in the motor etc... should look and perform better when I'm done Basically this is my project