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  1. 2001 Ford F-150 spark plug torque factory recommendation was low. Plugs were becoming loose and then pressure blew them out. That and a thrifty four threads deep to hold them in place. Like many others, I would like to run an auto engineer and bean counter over the berm to a level where Barcia would call it uncalled for.
  2. Search for: flachsenker I was about to succumb to that, but I am hoping this will do it for Yamahas.
  3. You did OK for Canada. I have seen people quote higher prices for years on even blown up bikes. Keep up the good work.
  4. Congratulations. I did not make the connection that you were the same guy that had the piston ring pin fall out or shear off. WOW! It has been an adventure for you! You can get an airbox on eBay usually.
  5. I went looking for this tool again. I found that Langston Motorsports had them now. I ordered one today. When I changed the shock oil on my 2007 YZ250, I got oil in my eye (yes, I had on safety glasses). I am hoping to never have that happen again. Maybe this will do the trick. I don't have any WP or Showa shocks, and I am used to the bleed bolt on the KDX's and KX's I own. I had been wanting a bleed cup for a LONG time.
  6. Yep, just lightly oil the metal parts and the cling wrap will help. I have bought a few new Kawasaki parts that have oil on them, no rust at all. I have a couple of 27 year old new brake rotors that look awesome.
  7. Dang! That does look a lot better. Have you seen the video on Youtube of the guy with the Honda tank? That is a great video for sanding. Pro Circuit spark arrestor https://www.procircuit.com/nature-friendly-kdx200-89-94-kx250-88-89.html Pro Circuit silencer https://www.procircuit.com/304-kdx200-89-94-kx250-88-89.html FMF silencer (they made spark arrestors for years, but don't show it on the site, maybe call and ask or look around?) I have an FMF pipe and spark arrestor on my '94, and it worked well. http://www.fmfracing.com/Product/ProductDetail?CategoryID=64&BikeType=MX%2FOFFROAD&BikeMake=KAWASAKI&BikeModel=KDX200&BikeYear=1992&ItemID=020222&ParentCategoryID=52&Priority=7
  8. Please do not use gasoline as anything other than a motor fuel. ESPECIALLY, PRETTY PLEASE stop rinsing it down the sink!!
  9. Clean them, then store them oil soaked in plastic bags or small plastic tote containers. No need for them to rust. If you use something other than the transmission oil, then you are going to have to clean the "other" rust preventative off before installing the parts.
  10. There is some roughness on it normally. Look on eBay and elsewhere for pics of them from not only your bike, but other years that are similar.
  11. When new or after someone who is a decent mechanic puts one back together, impact is handy, but not necessary.
  12. Looking like some good work there. I usually don't suggest robbing banks, but if you could do whatever is necessary, by any means necessary, to get that KTM silencer off the back of it, that would be great.
  13. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/kawasaki/motorcycle/2000/kx250-kx250-l2/crankcase Look through the parts diagrams. Good luck.
  14. No way. My YZ250 has smoother power than my 2005 KX250. It also does something better that apparently is important in MX, it turns.
  15. The coolant is in the crankshaft area, not the clutch and transmission area. He PM'ed me.