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  1. KDXGarage

    2002 KX250 KYB Fork Cap????

    I am glad you got it going. If you can, be sure to look up the fork cap torque value and use a torque wrench on it. The top triple clamp is what really helps to hold them in place. Good luck with it.
  2. KDXGarage

    2002 KX250 KYB Fork Cap????

    Are you trying to loosen it with the top triple clamp tightened? Isn't the cap torque like 6 foot-pounds or something like that?? I would flat file it down to an 18 mm hex. Hopefully you have an 18 mm socket. AND a torque wrench AND the service manual
  3. KDXGarage

    Buying my son a new KX85

    Congratulations to him. How cold is it during his coldest riding time? I assume he is not going to be out riding in below freezing temps.
  4. KDXGarage

    Cast Piston durability

    Race Tech makes the correct socket. I have one. It has worked great for me. 2006 - 2008 KX250 have the high speed adjuster back.
  5. KDXGarage

    93 yz 250 plastics?

    Just for fun, it is pronounced OO-fo, like "OO" in BOO! then foe (adversary) OO-fo I called it U-F-O for years until I watched a European race. 😊
  6. KDXGarage

    KYB tuning

    "48 mm upside-down AOS-type telescopic fork with 16-way compression and 16-way rebound damping" https://www.kawasaki.eu/en/products/archive/Motocross/2006/KX250/overview?Uid=043AWlhZXFhZWV5ZW1pQWlBeWV9cUFhR
  7. KDXGarage

    1987 kx 125: need help finding an OEM part!

    GREAT WORK! Papouch!
  8. KDXGarage

    93 yz 250 plastics?

    https://www.denniskirk.com/ufo/1993-yamaha-yz250.mmy/1.pg Unfortunately one cannot get plastic kits for a 26 year old bike for $100
  9. KDXGarage

    New to me 96 KDX200

    You might find some purple fork boots on eBay or Amazon. I am not sure. You would have to have some graphics company copy the originals. No one has them readily for sale that are a perfect match, I don't think. evo mx in UK might have something. I am not sure.
  10. KDXGarage

    New to me 96 KDX200

    HA HA
  11. KDXGarage

    New to me 96 KDX200

    Go on the Kawasaki site under Owner Info and you can download / view the owner's manual for free. 32:1 is the factory recommendation. NGK BR8ES 100 people will give 90 different OPINIONS ON types of oil.
  12. KDXGarage

    1994 KX500.

    You have an organized work area! Congratulations.
  13. KDXGarage

    1994 kx80 clutch problem

    That's good. Good luck with it. TIG welding will repair that clutch cover.
  14. KDXGarage

    1994 kx80 clutch problem

    No offense, but the best thing you can do for the bike is to stop "rigging" it and start REPAIRING it. Using RTV on a base gasket and clutch cover is pretty high on the list. Take the cover to a TIG welder and have them weld up and shape some aluminum to replace what is missing. No. It won't be cheap or free.
  15. KDXGarage

    2001/1987 Yamasaki YDX200

    WOW. That is different. Have fun!