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  1. If $308.14 is too much to pay for OEM, then go buy anther Chinese one. https://www.partzilla.com/product/kawasaki/13031-0022?ref=f70ce6bcbf063c65f1f2ca0608ffe69b7bb8f21b That or just part it out and take up a different hobby.
  2. Cool build! Good luck on it!
  3. Look online for many pics of "sleeved cylinder" and you can see a ton. It will have a steel / iron liner that is about 2 mm or so thick and looks different than the aluminum. Look for OEM crank rebuild parts or aftermarket connecting rod kit. OEM crank is no longer available.
  4. I would be leery of using the main bearings and bottom end bearing on the crankshaft. Shrpanel may have got in there and damaged them. They do spin at 11,000 RPM's. I would look into having the crankshaft rebuilt also. If that cylinder is sleeved, I would get it checked for dimensions and see if it needs an overbore or honing. The piston was probably ran WAY too long and let go from metal fatigue.
  5. Is that an OUT THE DOOR price? I seriously doubt it.
  6. Is it just me or is the front brake cable not seen in the picture? It looks like a universal backyard engineered fender. If it really only needed $60 in parts to make it a $500 bike, most people would do the work. It's not like it is liquid cooled or power valved.
  7. Congratulations, and WOW! You invested a tidy sum.
  8. Try a 48 pilot. Why jump two sizes??
  9. Welcome to TT. People are buying them up.
  10. This needs to be asked in the suspension forum. Look on Technical Touch website catalog for that part possibly.
  11. Oh, crap. You reworked the plastics. On a quick glance, I thought you had bought new ones. I see it now. They definitely look a lot better than the first pic.
  12. Looking much better! Is the front fender shortened?? You might want to get a UFO fork guards / guides set.
  13. The guard is going to bend backwards and scratch the shit out of the forks. Just give it a few laps.
  14. In this case, I suggest that you stop. Part it out or sell it whole and be done with it. You are trying to put a beginner on a 29 year old wore out motocross bike. Take the money from parting out this mistake and put it with more money to get a KLX140 or something similar that is MUCH better for a beginning or novice rider. What you can afford or want to spend vs. what is needed to be spent to do the job properly are sometimes VERY different.