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  1. KDXGarage

    2001 yz125 broken slide

    Oooh. Those are JIS screws, not Phillips. Whenever I get around to pulling mine off, I will be sure to break out the Vessel JIS drivers. Thank you for the picture showing the JIS dimple in the screw head.
  2. Uhhhh, A KDX250 pipe won't fit. A 1995 - 2006 pipe won't work either.
  3. KDXGarage

    Side frame protection

    Which model bike is it?? That is usually pretty important when asking for help on a bike.
  4. KDXGarage

    1992 kx125 misfire

    WOW! I can't say I remember hearing of that. Congratulations on it running well! Thank you for he follow up.
  5. Oh, yeah. I was just kidding on the tire.
  6. Forget the pipe! What did you do to the back tire!? That is a 1994 model, actually. It looks nice! I doubt new OEM can be found. It is probably a little more expensive than an aftermarket pipe, if you can find one. https://www.fmfracing.com/Product/ProductDetail?CategoryID=56&BikeType=MX%2FOFFROAD&BikeMake=KAWASAKI&BikeModel=KDX200&BikeYear=1994&ItemID=020037&ParentCategoryID=51&Priority=1 You can buy it elsewhere for a fair bit less. http://www.oemcycle.com/Item/product/900012478 I don't see one at Pro Circuit. DG doesn't show one, either.
  7. KDXGarage

    KX 125 forks

    The fork outer tubes and inner tubes are used on 2004 - 2005 KX125, 2004 KX250 and 2004 KX250F. If it needs just a tube, you can look at those as options.
  8. KDXGarage

    2001 yz125 broken slide

    Please PM me. Thanks!
  9. KDXGarage

    2001 yz125 broken slide

    Is it a Yamaha specific part, as in a specific shape unique for Yamaha? Is it a standard part besides the cutaway? I know that on some Keihin PWK carbs, one can cut some off the back of one to change the "slide number". Can one just buy the bigger one and have it cut down?
  10. KDXGarage

    1995 Kx250 mid engine gasket

  11. KDXGarage

    Anyway to block forum members??

    Thank you for the information. No one seems to want to stop SOANZ from posting poor or incorrect technical guidance. I have ignored him now, so you all can have fun rebutting the TT #1keyboard mechanic. Good luck. HA HA
  12. KDXGarage

    KX 125 forks

    I am just trying to relay some real world hands on mechanical experience. As the moderators have mentioned about you before, attack the post, not the poster. I think they also mentioned Town Square is the place for jabbering.
  13. KDXGarage

    bleeding kyb 46mm open chamber forks

    It is because of how Kawasaki measures the oil. If oil is in the gap between the tubes, it will be off when fully extended and dumped back over.
  14. KDXGarage

    KX 125 forks

    If he gets another set of 2004 KX125 forks, he can just swap the tube. He might have wrenches and sockets instead of a keyboard and mouse?