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  1. kelv hawkins

    2010 jumping out of gear.

    anyone had there 2010 bike jumping out of gear , my lad is a fast a rider , but has just had a big get off , because it jumped gear. a few people i know have had the same problem , bike has low hours an good oil.
  2. kelv hawkins

    honda bogging on big landings.

    the bike is 2009 , running standard jetting , but running rd float bowl . bike is good from a standing start , just on landings and hard berms. so one has said about running 05 carb 38mm any one tryed this?
  3. kelv hawkins

    valves leaking - help!

    just strip down engine to put new piston in and thought i would do test on valves . pour small amount of fuel into intake and exhaust maniford and all four valves are weaping slighty . running titinium valves and copper seats what can i do to make fully sealed .(bike done about 12 hours - hard).
  4. kelv hawkins

    any differences between us model and uk model???

    english model has an insert in end of exhaust for noise limit .
  5. kelv hawkins

    Pro circuit cam and piston

    did you get any gain from the fmf and the float bowl - from standard ?
  6. kelv hawkins

    BBR Frame

    little bit lighter , bar hieght a little higher , feels good to ride ,but is it worth the money i don,t now.
  7. kelv hawkins

    Pro circuit cam and piston

    we found it lost bottom end but gained top end , we got some bottem end back by fitting rd bowl and playing with pipes.
  8. kelv hawkins

    any new tracks ?

    cheers , don,t get there till thursday 5pm , need somewhere to run bike in friday , staying in davenport , anyone any ideals .
  9. kelv hawkins

    any new tracks ?

    thanks for that . can you tell me is dade ciry track any good and i think they race on some weekends is that any good ( my son is on a honda 150 like's jumping and fast tracks)
  10. kelv hawkins

    any new tracks ?

    any new track's ? brought my son out (14) to ride for a month last year (brillant) went to boswick , pax ,bithlo ,bartow ,hardrock ,lakelaand is there any more good tracks out there this year . (flying out on 13th)
  11. kelv hawkins

    Post some pictures of your 150!

    the clutch casing is made by a company called sfb racing , i think they are made in the usa. it makes changing the clutch 20 times easier , can be done in minutes. the frame we have only just got , but seems really good .(don,t now it's worth the money ). very well made , slightly lighter , bit bigger , no more painting the frame . carb hard to get to! suspension really good , one of the best things is the rd float bowl gives the bike much stonger bottom end .
  12. kelv hawkins

    Post some pictures of your 150!

    yes bbr frame , olins suspension , quick release clutch casing , talon wheels , rd float bowl , mxw engine , fmf exhaust . (needs a clean)
  13. kelv hawkins

    Post some pictures of your 150!

  14. kelv hawkins

    Post some pictures of your 150!

    how do you get a photo reply.
  15. kelv hawkins

    Hire Pick Up Truck

    can any one help , coming out from england to ride in december for a month and need to find some ware , that i can hire a pick up truck , the company i used last year has stop using pick up trucks. (usave). we are staying near disney , but travel to all the tracks in florida. thanks !