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    Yes its fun Check this out http://www.hedlunds-motor.se/
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    machines in the early days.
  3. jopa

    Buying a klx/klr

    Thanks for reply. Can u tell me some more about the difference. I'm thinking of the models from mid 90. I know the KLX has 3 or so more hp. They look very much alike but when talking to Kawasaki Stockholm they say the KLR are much better. I'm confused. I want to buy one for my girlfriend. Myself I'm looking for the highland 950, as soon as I'm getting rid of my Honda blackbird. Reg Johan
  4. jopa

    Highland 950 V2 Outback

    Anybody tried the Highland? Is it fully developed, does it still suffer from child diseases?
  5. jopa

    Buying a klx/klr

    I'm thinking of buying a 650. Can anybody please help me to tell the difference between the klx and the klr. Johan (Sweden)