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  1. I used johnnyairtime's method as described (w/pics) in the first link: BOLT USED; 1/4" x 20 thread x 1.5" long
  2. I successfully completed my USD conversion and got 2 full days in the saddle at Superstition over the Thanksgiving holiday. Wow! Now this is more like it. I did most of my research on this site. Thanks to all who supplied info(see links below). I found a complete '92 CR 500 front end with freshly tuned forks on ebay for $250 and went for it. I know there is a huge debate on here regarding USD vs. Conventional but I believe there is a time and place for both. My XR with USDs feels way more confident and aggressive at high speed in the desert. Oh ya, and it looks ultra trick! Thanks Thumpertalk PS My OEM forks are resprung and valved by Precision Concepts w/reciept if anyone is interested. Very helpful links: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-894112.html http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-587082.html Replacing Steering Head Bearing - VERY HELPFUL http://www.garagenight.tv/ep-5-replacing-steering-head-bearings/ http://www.rockseven.com/xr400/usd.asp
  3. My 2 cents. Go to Ocotillo and stay at Iron Woods they have a small motel and bike rentals. You can ride Ocotillo and mix in a ride over to Superstition from there. I highly recommend a Baja tour(See the Baja section on this site for more info). Keep in mind the Baja 500 is taking place on 6/4 - 6/5.
  4. mauler

    Motels near Ocotilla

    I assume you are talking about Ocotillo Wells. If so, this is the place http://www.desertironwoods.com/
  5. mauler

    Racers and Ranchers #4

    Wow, this gets me pumped! I am ILF(in like flin)
  6. Nice photos! Really gets me jonesing for baja. I'm gonna grab a beer and watch again:cheers:
  7. mauler

    **** Rancher shoots Baja biker; Steve Martz ****

    Oh ya, Get well Steve. "what dont kill ya make ya more strong!"
  8. mauler

    **** Rancher shoots Baja biker; Steve Martz ****

    I would like to start out by saying thank god everyone survived this tragedy. I don’t post much on this forum but I sure read a whole lot. This story saddens me. I started moto touring in baja 3 years ago while I have been a devout baja surfer for 15 years( right out of high school). Being on two wheels in baja gave me a renewed feeling of freedom, adventure and comfort which had been lost in traveling on the highways and freestanding beaches throughout northern Baja. I know I have traveled down that same trail and I could not image the scenario in my worst nighmare. Senseless…. I put myself in the shooters shoes here. Hear me out. The following info is just what I have gathered from following posts on forums from the past several weeks/months. There are riders here who have witnessed incidents in this area ( gun shots heard and neck high barbed wire booby traps.http://www.baja.net/forums/showthread.php?t=24688&highlight=barbed+wire This just might be why we are seen as enemy to certain land owners(ranchers); The rancher sees the population of motos as one (not the mass which ride the trails week end week out). Roosting his rancho and spooking his animals. Years go by and angst builds. Group after group of dirtbikers go by like a big middle finger in the face of the land owner. Thus comes the barbed wire booby trap. Next month a story about someone heard a gun shot while riding. Finally, well you know what happened. We need a line of communication between Baja land owners and off-roaders to build a positive relationship. I think this is the agenda of Racers and Ranchers. I have no affiliation with this group but I am a soon to be member and if you care about riding in baja I suggest getting involved. BC surf /moto 1993 - 2008 Baja to CA dirtbiker is as Pacific Ocean to CA surfer – CA desert to dirtbiker is as wavepool to CA surfer.
  9. mauler

    Is Baja safe anymore?

    "one good friend was inducted into the Baja Legacy Hall of Fame" RG's GF?...... I missed that party also, HP Ranch is a dirtbikers oasis....premium motorcross track + poolside margi's!
  10. mauler

    Travel Alert U.S...The annoying nat of posts

    Its me again, As a spectator from home, My setup is live streaming weatherman, and dirtnewz.com pics and commentary(They are currently the pathetic best at live Baja race media)
  11. mauler

    Travel Alert U.S...The annoying nat of posts

    Ya, I guess everyone except you and me, media coverage blo's
  12. mauler

    Travel Alert U.S...The annoying nat of posts

    Thanks for the feedback. PS Is it me.....or has this place become as stale as a 2 day old doughnut?
  13. Is it just me or do you cringe everytime you see this thing at the top of the list. Its like that annoying nat you just cant kill that keeps buzzing around your head. I was at MSR three weeks ago, nothin changed down there except the length of the border line goin home. (15 min. on Sunday afternoon) Bring on the Baja 500 stories:applause:
  14. mauler

    Ktm vs. Crf vs. Xr

    XR 400 + Gordon's mods and a little suspension tuning =
  15. mauler

    Looks like a boycott could be coming

    Had enough of the long winded political rants? lets change it up! Adventure Rider A passion for freedom does reside upon the steel horse I ride its the unknown which i demand where beauty and terror walk hand in hand.