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  1. mega1e6

    Box spanner 8x10

    I recently bought a DRZ SM but it had no tools. Look at a OEM supplier web page and found the part number for the tool kit, but I found something else. Both the S and the SM have the same tool kit, but the SM has a "SPANNER, BOX 8X10" listed that is not shown on the S. What is is for? Why the SM and not the S? Thanks, DR
  2. mega1e6

    Replacing fork lock

    Bought a DRZ SM no key for fork lock. Got the replacement parts online. QUESTION How do you get the old lock out and the new lock in? Thanks DR
  3. mega1e6

    Won't Start Cold

    FYI: Turns out it was one of the intake valves. WAY OUT OF ADJUSTMENT! Replaced the shim, starts and runs easy.
  4. mega1e6

    DRZ SM High RPM Problems

    I just bought a used '08 DRZ400SM. (3500 miles) It starts easy and idles good. Runs good until the RPM gets above lets say 2000, then it starts to, what's a good discription, starts to miss intermittantly, starts to sputter. It kinda felt like I was running out of gas. Check the petcock and filled her up with high octan, same thing. Suppost to be stock, but not sure. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. mega1e6

    Broke my bar lock key

    CKECK OEM PARTS providers online Look under "Front Fork Bracket" for Lock Assy. Usually around $30, comes with new keys.
  6. mega1e6

    Steering lock Key?

    Check OEM parts providers "Front Fork Bracket" Lock Assy Part Number: 51900-30901 Usually around $30, comes with keys.
  7. mega1e6

    Won't Start Cold

    I have a 2005 CRF250X. I have a hard time starting my bike cold. With choke on, not with starter, not kicking. I have to push start it. Once I have run it 10 minutes I can get it to start kicking it, but not using starter (well sometimes, usually not). Put a new plug in it that helped. Can barely see the spark. Bad coil? Saw a few on ebay are the years interchangeable? Is there someplace to by this new other than Honda dealership? Thank you!
  8. mega1e6

    2006 250X Mod Questions

    I should have said: 7) Move the clip on the stock needle 4th position Question) That is from the top, right?
  9. mega1e6

    2006 250X Mod Questions

    I recently purchased an 06 250X. I have a few questions. I plan to: 1) Cut open the air box to a 4x4 hole 2) Use just the spark arrestor in the stock exhaust 3) Move (disconnect) the pink wire 4) Change the Pilot jet to a size 42 5) Use the stock leak jet (check to make sure it is a 55) 6) Change the main jet Question1) Ricks chart shows, I'm at 500ft, a 130+5 for mods but many have suggested 150-165 for the main, which is right? 7) Move NCYR needle to the 4th clip position 8) Set the Fuel screw to 2 turns out from full in 9) Add the O-Ring AP Mod Question2) RedBeards How-to states "Hold the Throttle Wide Open, and adjust the AP Set Screw until it meets the AP Link Lever, about 1/8”. Does this need to be done with the o-ring mod? Question3) When using the o-ring, do I need to file the rivit? Question4) Any other suggestions?
  10. mega1e6

    250X Gas Overflow

    I bought a used '06 250X, no mods I am aware of. It is hard to start cold, but it seems to run OK. During a days ride the idle slowly gets higher and higher. And on the trailer ride home fuel comes out of the over flow. I don't think this is normal, any suggestions? Thank you.
  11. mega1e6

    Rotella T Oil: Synt vs Petro

    I am interested in using the Shell Rotella T in my 250X. BUT WHICH ONE?? Shell Rotella T Synthetic SAE 5W-40 OR Shell Rotella T SAE 15W- 40 http://www.shell.com/home/Framework?siteId=rotella-en&FC2=/rotella-en/html/iwgen/leftnavs/zzz_lhn2_0_0.html&FC3=/rotella-en/html/iwgen/products/dir_products.html
  12. mega1e6

    Converting a 400S to SM?

    Do you have a parts list for all the items shown in your picture?
  13. mega1e6

    Converting a 400S to SM?

    If I get some stock SM wheels with brake rotors, what do I need to get to use the large rotors on my S?
  14. mega1e6

    Converting a 400S to SM?

    I have a DRZ400S I wanted to convert to a SuperMotard. What parts do I need and what modifications to the bike will be needed to make the conversion. I bought the bike to dual sport, but I recently got a dirt bike for the trails, so now its all street. So I want to convert. Thanks for any help.
  15. I have seen a bunch of aftermarket Extended Fuel Mix Screws on the internet that state "for Keihin FCR 4-stroke carbs". Or they state "for Honda CRF150R,250R,450R" Will these also fit the CRF230F?