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  1. Dan_hurley

    Best 4CS re-valve at home

    The more I read this thread the better my 4cs forks start to feel [emoji6]. I actually rode with 2015 TE250 forks in my 2016 FC250 the other day and they were very nice. Apart from the obvious of bottoming pretty easy and diving under braking I felt the high speed impact absorption was great. I think with some stiffer springs and wee bit heavier valving I could get these to work pretty good. Although my Mx 4cs stuff isn't really that bad.
  2. Dan_hurley


    Woman's mx is what I'm going to be watching. Just to see Courtney Duncan's lap times compared to the boys. Go girl!
  3. Dan_hurley

    Trip to watch SX and Outdoors

    Haha I'm defiantly keen to check out some scenery [emoji6]. I think tours of pro circuit and Troy Lee designs are included in the trip. We're also doing Disneyland, Universal Studio, Knotts Berry, San Diego zoo, Helicopter of Grand Canyon, wax museum. Think we fly into Lax from Auckland.
  4. Dan_hurley

    2016 FC250

    I did on my 2015 te250 and it was pretty good. I'll still regrease it soon any ways. Everything was pretty good though. Better than the jap stuff
  5. Dan_hurley

    2016 FC250

    Nice, how you finding it? I'm almost 10 hours on mine so far
  6. Dan_hurley

    Trip to watch SX and Outdoors

    It's been a dream for a long time, the tracks look way different to ours in New Zealand so that'll be interesting!
  7. Dan_hurley

    Trip to watch SX and Outdoors

    Yeah I've done a heap of research already, we're doing all the touristy stuff. Grand Canyon, universal studios etc. Do most of the tracks allow tear offs? Any tips of watching the racing?
  8. Dan_hurley

    Trip to watch SX and Outdoors

    Hey guys, A group of us are coming from New Zealand to do a Ride California trip in May which includes Las Vegas Sx and Hangtown MX, riding in between etc. We've also decided to stay later and watch the 2nd round at glen Helen. Firstly what passes do you think we should buy for glen Helen? We really wanna have pit passes but the way the website explains it makes it a little confusing. Also we've got a bit of extra time before and after the trip, any tips on what to do or see? We'll be in California for the whole of May, pretty exciting to see what your country has to offer!
  9. Dan_hurley

    2016 FC250

    The rear fender is growing on me. I was the same its square as hell! Just trying to find out about charging the battery on these as they're lithium ion. Anyone any ideas?
  10. Dan_hurley

    2016 FC250

    Hey guys and girls, just thought I'd share quickly the fact that I just picked up a brand new fc250! This thing is amazing. Only put about 40 mins on it so far but super excited about it. Came off a 2013 kx250f to this. If you have any questions fire away!
  11. Dan_hurley

    2008 KX250F Rebuild/Build thread. The journey begins!

    Nice man, gonna be cool to see what it looks like when your done!
  12. Dan_hurley

    2003 kx125 build

    134 should still be a bit better at least. I found the midvalve on the forks to be the biggest downside of the bike. I've been playing with it but still haven't got something I'm 100% with yet. Thanks man, that's the look I was going for. The newer shrouds make it look that little bit different.
  13. Dan_hurley

    2003 kx125 build

    Nice, I've just finished my kx125 as well. I'm thinking of going up to a 144 kit but the Eric Gorr option might be hard considering I live in New Zealand. Be interested to know what you think of the 144. Are you doing anything to the suspension? Here's mine
  14. Dan_hurley

    05 kx125 mid valve set up

    Ok cool, I'll replace the broken ones and then check the float. I'm guessing I should lighten the mid, has anyone had any good settings I can start with? Or just lose a couple shims?
  15. Hey TT, I've got a 2005 kx125 with race tech gold valves in, sprung to my weight (.44) springs and bladders removed. I'm still finding it harsh over braking bumps. It handles the small stuff around corners fine and big landings perfectly. I had a look at the midvalve today and noticed a couple of shims had snapped in half. Should I convert it to a check valve as race tech says (is a check valve just a shim? Or more of a base plate washer). Should I revalve the mid? I hear of the word float but have no clue as to measuring it.