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  1. sportel

    arm pump??

    Arm pump is all in your head. Riding relaxed is the key. For me I usually only get it when I'm racing. Trying to get pumped during practice seems to help for me. Good luck.
  2. sportel


    I'm throwing some Gold Valves in my 07 KX 250f, both front and rear. Will the better Honda 5wt oil work good on both ends? I'll use the RT stuff if it's really as good as they say, but I doubt it. I'd hate to spend $60 on fork oil every time I need seals.
  3. I had an 01 and it was awsome. V-force reeds really woke that bike up. Now I'm stuck with my 07 KX250f and it's ok, but I'd be money ahead if I had just kept the CR. Good buy.
  4. sportel


    I just got some last week. I'm excited to put them in, but I'm trying to loose weight. I'm hoping to ride my stock set-up one more time and then put them in right away. One plus is that if you get another bike you may be able to re-use them or in my case they can go on my wifes Honda.
  5. sportel


    I have big calves and the SG-10's work for me. I just use knee pads without the shin gaurd. The saying "buy cheap buy twice" really holds true with boots.
  6. sportel

    Calling Dr. Mark (please) Knuckle pain

    I had the exact same thing. I'm pretty sure it was my glove putting pressure on my nuckle. It's gotten better since my gloves have broken in.
  7. sportel

    Front tire suggestions?

    Are there any disadvantages to a DOT tire? My bike is not plated, so I don't need the rating.
  8. sportel

    Front tire suggestions?

    What do you like about them? Looks like the front is DOT approved. I found some reviews and a lot of guys loved the rear but not the front.
  9. I need a new front tire soon on my 07 KX250f. The stock Bridgestones were OK, but the back got shredded very fast and my front is loosing knobs everytime I ride. I just put a Dunlop 756 on the back and I like it alot. I tried 756's back in 1999 or 2000 and I rember really hating the front. It seems that alot of people like the front. Maybe it's my riding style? I ride in Utah on every type of terain, both tracks and trails. I ride in the rocks often, but I never get flats, so I don't want a heavy tire. I'm not overly concerned about wear as long as the tire doesn't shed knobs constantly. I'm not looking for cheep either I just want a tire that hooks up. Any ideas?
  10. sportel

    Its not the valves... Then what is it????

    I'n not an expert, but I think you should check your battery.
  11. sportel

    Cam shaft question.

    I added a couple teeth to my KX250f and it helped for woods riding. Her Honda seems to be about the same stock as mine now. I can really climb well with her bike since the flywheel weight though.
  12. sportel

    Cam shaft question.

    Thanks for the replies! It sucks living in town and less than a block away from a cop. Makes test riding hard.
  13. sportel

    Cam shaft question.

    I'm trying to make my wifes 05 250R more trail friendly. I've added a flywheel weight and a cam from an 04 X. I havn't been able to ride it since the cam install. Just wandering how much of a difference the cam will make. Will it have any affect on the jetting? It ran rough in the garage, but it was cold outside. Thanks.
  14. sportel

    good riding school?

    Tony D comes to Millville every year. http://www.tonydmxschool.com/
  15. sportel

    new to Utah - where to ride

    There is alot of good riding around here. Check out motoutah.com, there are plenty of trails and tracks listed.