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  1. smokey11

    Question about the race head ?

    Its a bolt on. HUGE difference! get the 20mm carb whiel your at it also!
  2. smokey11

    inner rotor kit

    I have a manual clutch, and ride mini tracks alot (tight ones) should be a good upgrade then right?
  3. My stator plate broke today on my crf. I have a 88 TB kit with race head,bbr pipe, rev box etc. Is it worth the extra coin to get the inner rotor kit or just stick with the stock stator?? Is it really that noticeable of a diffrence? thanks!
  4. smokey11

    SDG frames???

    Are SDG frames any better then a stock 50 frame as far as strength? Looks like its 2 inches longer which is good
  5. smokey11

    Blew out my works shock

    had it a litle over a year. Its an awesome shock, but cant believe it blew already,maybe its defective. probably not though
  6. Wow if that sounds low, im giving my 04 away for 550
  7. smokey11

    Xtreme Pro stock 125's

    What do you think of them??i can get one for $1700 brand new
  8. smokey11

    z50r exhuast

    I have a sick 50's stainless exhaust with aluminum can. $50 + ship rode with it 4 times
  9. smokey11

    Blew out my works shock

    leaking/no compression
  10. Blew out my rear works shock. Are these rebuildable by any chance?
  11. smokey11

    Stock CRF 50 Shock help

    I have a brand new pro wheel shock rode with it one time before tearing the bike down. $80 shipped to anywhere in the US.
  12. how much dont need the tire
  13. Bike idles and runs perfect, it has a bbr pipe with no spark arrestor. If you ridding it wide open and let of and let the motor slow the bike down it will pop out the exhaust.
  14. My crf 50 with TB 88 and head is popping badly on decell. Plug looks good,choclate brown. I was thinking it might be lean up top. If i went up on the main a few sizes would this help? Just wanted to make sure im on the right track?? Thanks
  15. I couldnt find a wanted section in the classifields. I need a stock rear xr -crf 50 wheel. All spokes must be present not loose or bent . If you have one for sale please let me know! Thanks!-Nick