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  1. Here is a KTM front.....
  2. Thanks for the feedback.. What I thought...that's why it's for sale.
  3. Hey boyz...just wondering if anyone has used a 16T with 39 rear. I want my bike to be better cruzing on the highway. I currently have 15T with 39 rear. Any feedback would be great!
  4. She is for sale too.
  5. Hey all, I am selling this baby with only 400 original kms. I have some changes in my life and my loss is another riders gain. Check out my add if you like.
  6. Man are you ever lucky. Riding near the ocean on a DRZ, it doesn't get any better.......(unless you add beer and some hot women..... )
  7. Hey man I will take the weather to be near the mountains, and enjoy no sales tax......enjoy big smoke!
  8. I start from Chestermere. Ride 22X then hit the mountains.
  9. This pics were taken on May 3 09.
  10. Hey all. Just thought I would post sum pics of my first real rip on this beast. 245kms, through the back roads to and around Mclean Creek. It was fun.
  11. No the Lynx fairing needs to be bolted by the handle bar clamps. The number plate back grounds are all built by me. Have some red & black back ground, some paper and there it is. I have added more graphics so in my next pic update you will see them and the GPS addition. Hope to ride again this weekend out near the mountains. Hope to get some pics. Thanks for the interest boyz.
  12. No, I was answering a question how I got the Lynx fairing to fit. I did get the BRP top clamp. No sure about the decals yet, and I am running Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Dot.