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  1. Thanks to everyone who replied and here are the results of my valve replacement. After reassembling and riding the bike several times and rejetting and adjusting the carb 7 times I still had stalling and hot start problems. I finally checked the valve lash with the new stainless valves. The lash was right on the spec @ .006 on intake and .008 on ehhaust. Just for the sake of experimentation I open up the lash to .009 on intake and exhaust. This made a definative difference in the hot starting problem and has eliminated the popping and stalling. The bike still takes a fit once in a while and doesn't want to start hot. In going to try opening up the lash a little more just to see what happens. The carb setting that I'm using at this time is 172.5 main jet, 25 pilot jet, needle dropped all the way, idle screw 1/2 turn out and the AC pump with .020 lash. The bike lugs down low and has zero bog when you snap the throttle at any rpm. I think maybe it has lost just a little top end , but this thing still has awesome top end power. These carb settings seem to be much leaner than what most other 450's are running but it works for my bike and my riding conditions (tight single track). I hope that other Husky owners that experience the dreaded titanium valve problems can gain some insight for my findings. Even though this Husky has been a pain in the @$$, I still think it's a great bike.
  2. jodan

    Overfilled Oil...Blown Seal(s).

    I had a leak in the same area. (behind the cylinder on top of the case) It turned out to be the o-ring seal on the electric starter.
  3. Thanks for the info and the Hotcams link. I read your valve replacement thread and you said your timing chain was in spec. Where did you find a spec for it and how did you check it? My chain appears to be in good shape but I'd like to be sure.
  4. I'm upgrading the valves on my 04 TC450 to stainless. I purchased all of the obvious stuff from Hall's. (valves, HD springs, thicker head gasket, base gasket, tensioner gasket, water pump gaskets) My question is, Has anyone else done this and what was you results. For example, Do you think you should have re-ringed at that time. The piston,rings and jug I removed look great and I think could just be reused. I will probable lightly hone the cylinder. Is there some other mods that I should be doing at this time? Or maybe you used the thicker head gasket and noticed a dramatic change in performance. I will be using this bike for enduros and woods riding so low end grunt and reliability are my goals. I have already added a flywheel weight and modified the carb. Any info or experiences will be helpful. I have also been told that changing the intake cam to the 2005 te 450 grind would greatly improve torque. Has anyone tried that?