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  1. bowers

    XR70 Pit Bike Help

    try getting a carb tune up kit the tune up your going to do well help alot pipe well help alot you can also get carb jetted whevn you get tune up also bran new air filter will help and give profromance
  2. try klx110 put trottle stop on it and they should be fine they have bike for ever when they out grow u can turn it into a pit bike
  3. bowers

    building crf50, help

    hey man call sikk mx they have a 125cc replacement motor for 399.95 i dont know about the reliablity of it there number is480-354-8080 they also have 88 kit for 299
  4. i need to know if crf50 engin bolt pattern are compat with 79 z50