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  1. tonybalony

    Tt 500 Pics

    our budget flattracker
  2. tonybalony

    Husky Dirt Tracker

    my son runs this 08 tc250-works great-i built an 04 450 as well
  3. dirty carb?or might be a stretch-tires unbalanced
  4. tonybalony

    te250 07 carb pilot jet

    settled on a 40 pilot in my o7 250,blue needle(will look at spring/cup again)tried 38,42
  5. re:the broken subframe. how many times was this straightened?should i just leave it crooked from now on?haha
  6. tonybalony

    New TE cargo rack from Motosportz!

    how much?
  7. tonybalony

    1975 can-am tnt 250

    ski-doo dealers have access to a surprising amount of parts for these.kicker hubs usually have stripped splines.
  8. unanimous-te250-big tank,15/48 gearing-hard to beat
  9. tonybalony

    Eletrical Question for TE'r

    if you are worried about those lights functioning always...........take the computer off,and leave it in the shop
  10. tonybalony

    Am I asking for Trouble?

    15/48 on my te250 when plated(still excellent on singletrack mtn trails)play with 13t and 14t cs sprockets when not plated
  11. tonybalony

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    journeyman lineman IBEW local 258
  12. tonybalony

    1979 IT175 wont run right.

    carb slide?
  13. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=635468&id=725325770 my husky 'streetbike'