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  1. dirty carb?or might be a stretch-tires unbalanced
  2. settled on a 40 pilot in my o7 250,blue needle(will look at spring/cup again)tried 38,42
  3. re:the broken subframe. how many times was this straightened?should i just leave it crooked from now on?haha
  4. how much?
  5. ski-doo dealers have access to a surprising amount of parts for these.kicker hubs usually have stripped splines.
  6. unanimous-te250-big tank,15/48 gearing-hard to beat
  7. if you are worried about those lights functioning always...........take the computer off,and leave it in the shop
  8. 15/48 on my te250 when plated(still excellent on singletrack mtn trails)play with 13t and 14t cs sprockets when not plated
  9. journeyman lineman IBEW local 258
  10. carb slide?
  11. my husky 'streetbike'
  12. curious if you checked valve clearance yet?
  13. put good tires and gearing on a DS80 orJR80.