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  1. right click software/setup icon > properties > compatibility tab > "Run this program in compatibility mod for..." i can't see why this wouldn't work
  2. 4.1 installed. Will report performance after next ride. Edit: how is the "new" version any different? Judging from FMF's website, it appears they changed the sticker and possibly darkened the anodized blue. the part # remains unchanged so I'm assuming changes were merely cosmetic, or so I hope lol
  3. I took these with my phone a few days ago. I'll take some with the camera and post when I get the chance!
  4. I was alarmed when it first happened to the 426f. It turned out to be oil overflow, which isn't a concern unless you're finding milky fluid in your oil.
  5. I checked out this thread before making my decision too. I ordered the FMF Factory 4.1 w/Megabomb. I'll update in a few rides.
  6. What happened to Nike? They never belonged to begin with.
  7. My 426 with 13.5-1 compression ratio is not enough for me. Wanna trade?
  8. this is all i found. but i can't use it with my setup. never mind.
  9. after researching your suggestion, i came up with this: 449cc bore, 97.5mm piston (Wiseco or JE), 13:1 compression, and '03 OEM 450 cam. EDIT: or 444c bore, 97mm piston, 12.5:1 compression, and '03 OEM 450 cam thoughts? will either work?
  10. that's a good idea. i need to get my stock cylinder resleeved anyway...the company doing the resleeve can do the big bore for me when i send it in, right? do you think it would be any cheaper?
  11. is there any custom motor that can be easily modified to fit the 426? if not, i think i'll end up rebuilding the current motor with a couple of upgrades
  12. its not that i don't want to spend the money for a used 426 motor, i just rather not. if i did, i might be buying a motor with more problems than its worth. its rebuilding the current motor that's not worth the price. i would have a traded up for a new model a long time ago but i want a green sticker for california. ca laws
  13. What motors (excluding stock of course) can I fit into the 426 frame/setup? Do custom aftermarket motors that fit the 426 exist? How about newer 450 motors? What kind of work is necessary to make either work? I'm not interested in purchasing a used 426 motor, and rebuilding the current motor is not worth the cost. So I figure, why not upgrade (if possible) to an entirely new motor. I'm not sure what possibilities exist...
  14. i guess it squeezes my neck tight enough that it hardly shifts.