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  1. kambuja

    mikuni 36mm big bang

    Hope someone can advise. just fitted a mikuni 36mm pumper carb to my xr400. start up fine, tick over fine, slight throttle inputs fine, but as soon as twist the throtlle over about a 1/4 turn when backing off massive popping (explosion) accompanied by big blue flame exiting the exhaust. not good. thought it may have been the pumper unit, but isolated that by holding the nylon cam so no pump action, same result. now at a loss what to do. all help appreciated
  2. kambuja

    Release the power

    I just got a 2005 xr400 supermotard (import from japan). i am converting it to enduro and have fitted 18" and 21" . The engine is sourced from the 400 quad bike, it has electric start. The power delivery is very soft at the moment, i believe the engine has different gearing and a different ignition map than a standard xr400 bike engine, the exhaust down tubes are the same diameter as the latest model xr250, and it has no oil cooler fitted as standard, my guess is because it is producing less power and therefore less heat is generated so honda did not feel the need to fit. Anyway has anyone outhere got the info on the differences between the 2 engines with regards to the gearing and ignition map and any other differnces what i can do to pep up the engine and release some of the power that must be waiting. thanks for your help
  3. All help appreciated on this, I am living in Asia, so reliable info is hard to come by. Anyway i have been offered a good deal on a near new XR400 supermotard, but what i want/need is the enduro. Is there any geniuses out there with all the info on the true differences other than cosmetic between the bikes, such as is the steering head angle, forks etc different. if its possoble to convert the supermotard to enduro without super major surgery i will tackle the project. with new wheels, springs etc. if not just have to keep waiting for the right bike. thanks in advance Kambuja