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  1. nikeeric

    need help buying motorcycle

    ok, he financed it from a dealer. so say we go there, can i get a cashiers check paid to him/the suzuki dealer. then will they give him the title then he can sign it over to me?
  2. nikeeric

    title question

    ok he finaced it through a suzuki dealer, im going to contact them so i can work somthing out.
  3. hey all im going to be buying a 06 drz400sm. we agreed at 4950. he hasnt paid off his bike yet so he doesnt have the title. say that i write him a cashiers check and he gives me the bill of sale. will i be responsible to the lien holder or the financing company for the rest of the loan, if he doesnt pay off the loan with the money i give me?
  4. nikeeric

    title question

    ok correct me on this. so i have to pay what he still owes on his loan. then the lein holder will give him the title, then he will sign it to me?
  5. nikeeric

    title question

    ok thanx for the responses i live in california. so What do i need from him tommorow bill of sale? so i need a cashiers check made out to the finance company then i give that to him? what do i make copies of? the check? dont i also need the registration? will i be able to register it and ride it right away or will i have to wait a while?
  6. nikeeric

    title question

    hey guys tommorow im buying a used 06 drz400sm. this is my first time buying a bike by myself. the guy said he does not have the title because he is still paying it off?:headscrat . he says he has a pink slip or sumthin that he will give me tommorow and he can get me the title in 3 weeks? is this a normal thing?