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  1. markturbo

    Roczen Dumping Cargo

    Would be cool to have a true open class with no weight restriction or engine restriction just to push the innovation and development envelope and let it trickle down into production bikes.
  2. I just broke my steering lock while in the locked position. I felt it snap but I was able to turn the key and move it to the unlocked position and I can freely turn the handle bars left to right. My question is, what breaks when this happens, is it the frame or the pin on the lock assembly? I know these are not very strong as i broke it while picking up the bike when it was parked and rotating the bike around to move it. But it is piece of mind and helps keep honest people honest if you are just running into the store or something with the bike parked outside. I would like to replace it at some point but in the mean time do i have to worry about whatever broke inside fetching up inside the head tube and locking up the steering? https://www.babbittsktmparts.com/oemparts/p/ktm/78003035000/steering-head-lock-08 And this is a new ignition lock with steering lock package deal to keep keys the same I assume? https://www.motosport.com/oem-parts/part-number/78011065100
  3. markturbo

    XR400AF build oil pump volume?

    I can't help answer your question But I just wanted to say that's a pretty cool build you have going there!
  4. markturbo

    Honda Broadens CRF Lineup with Expansive New-Model Launch

    WOW! Finally a street legal 450 from Honda, so pumped! Hopefully Yamaha and Suzuki follow suit.
  5. markturbo

    2012 500 EXC Fan is Staying Running

    Here are a few pics, hard to get a good shot thou to show it. Dont mind the wear marks on the head tube, they are from previous owner.
  6. markturbo

    2012 500 EXC Fan is Staying Running

    I will try to get some pics for you. My factory bulb was that large round BA20B and I think that's different then your 2014. I did get the new light installed and the kit came with two small spacers for the upper light housing where it screws to the mask, this pushes the light housing out just a little to allow for space between the back of the bulb and the head tube. I had a bit of adjustment left on the bottom so I moved it to coincide with the spacers but I have not checked for actual alignment yet nor have I a got a chance to try it at night. I will say thou that just looking at it in the day light it is super bright!
  7. markturbo

    2012 500 EXC Fan is Staying Running

    Update: New thermo switch that i posted the link too worked, fan no longer turns on when you turn the key to "on" with a cold engine. I let the bike idle up to temperature and the fan kicked on. I held a bottle just under the old switch to catch the coolant as i turned it out, only lost a little bit as i threaded in the new switch and I just poured the coolant back in the rad. Next up is to install my new headlight... https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/KTMHusky-BA20D-LED-Headlight-Bulb_p_175.html
  8. markturbo

    2012 500 EXC Fan is Staying Running

    Are these the sensors you are talking about? These are listed for the 1984 318i https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/bmw,1984,318i,1.8l+l4,1011227,electrical-switch+&+relay,radiator+fan+switch,4312 And one other question, can I remove the the sensor without loosing coolant or is it going to start pouring out as I start turning it out?
  9. markturbo

    2012 500 EXC Fan is Staying Running

    Thanks for the replies.
  10. I think my thermo switch just took a crap. My bike has been sitting in the basement for a couple days so the engine is cold. I turned the key on without starting the bike and my fan came on and will not stop running, I cycled the key a few times and get the same result. I pulled back the rubber boot on the thermo switch and disconnected one of the leads to the switch to stop the fan, I reconnected it and the fan starts again right away. Would it be safe to say I need a new thermo switch? Looks like the OEM switch is $27.49 USD online. Thanks
  11. markturbo

    2007 WR250 maintenance

    Did the 07's still come with the throttle limited to 1/4 or 1/2 turn, and did they also have the grey wire mod option? It's been a long time since I had my 06 WR450 but I remember doing those two things, not sure if the 250's came like that.
  12. markturbo

    Js7 sucks

    Was sad to see James go down, I thought he had this one for sure! At least he got back on it and finished the race. He's gone down less then RV this year.
  13. markturbo

    Snow far Snow Good

    lol you have a graet attitude, I love your vid with you waving to everyone and Vanila Ice playing lol
  14. markturbo

    How about a 54whp WR250X?

    Hang in there man, you sell them.
  15. markturbo

    turboed wr250?

    Guys there's a full build up thread of this kit in the WR section here, it's a very nice kit that is well built. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=697985