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  1. Supercross

    Was sad to see James go down, I thought he had this one for sure! At least he got back on it and finished the race. He's gone down less then RV this year.
  2. lol you have a graet attitude, I love your vid with you waving to everyone and Vanila Ice playing lol
  3. Hang in there man, you sell them.
  4. Guys there's a full build up thread of this kit in the WR section here, it's a very nice kit that is well built.
  5. My street plated 2006 450
  6. 2006 WR450 plated in New Brunswick
  7. Bcrash could you post a pic of your bike with the BD light and led's?
  8. He started his own shop...
  9. Watched it last night Good thing they bought all those helmets, they didn't wear them once, not even while they drove down the road with buddy sitting on the front rack. It was cool to see them build a different bike. Not that it's going to function at all, but I couldn't help to think how interesting it be to see that big V-twin comming down a dirt road lol, on some single track, moto X track, maybe some FMX?
  10. Post up some pics with all the crap pulled off it!!!
  11. Since we can't sell, can we trade lol. I have one off my 06 450 I'd trade for some TT AIS plugs:applause:
  12. If you don't have one, go here... click on support, view owners handbook, and fill in the blanks. The book has complete instruction on it. Or try the direct link and click on the PDF
  13. Would be great to have on my dual sport for when I'm on the street...people would Definitely be paying attention to the little dirtbike they can't see lol.
  14. Rear fender from an 05 YZ450, and Baja Designs led...
  15. Great job with the KDX, I always wanted one of those for a trail bike.