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  1. jason999

    I need a rear shock for RM 125

    I dont think the 01's would fit. Thanks though. Turns out I bought a new shock attached to an 03 RM 250. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Thanks, Jason
  2. I need a rear shock for my 2000 RM 125. Im not sure if others years fit or not.... If you have one or know of other years that fit PLEASE let me know.... Thanks, Jason
  3. jason999

    Rear shock question on 2000 RM 125

    I think a new used one is cheaper then taking it to a suspension tuner...Not to mention, I dont think we have any close. I will try backing the screw out. Thanks.... If anybody knows what shocks will work with the 2000, Id greatly apprectiate the information.
  4. jason999

    Rear shock question on 2000 RM 125

    Come on...someone..... At least tell me if a 2001 RM 125 rear shock will work. Its amazing that I cant find this information on a search engine. Thanks, Jason
  5. I have no rebound dampening on my 2000 RM 125. Is this something that can be easily fixed? If I decide to look for a used shock, which year models will fit correctly? Thanks, Jason