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  1. astrofil

    Looking to join challanging riding crew !!!

    I don`t have studs in my tires yet. They are little pricy so I will wait little bit with that. Thanks anyway and keep in touch if any riding with no studs.
  2. astrofil

    Looking to join challanging riding crew !!!

    I have been in Moab 3 weeks ago. Great place! I have the UT sticker already. I`m flying to NJ for Christmas and all depends how long I will be there. If I get back 30th I will definitely go . I will be in touch.
  3. astrofil

    Looking to join challanging riding crew !!!

    Heh right forgive me my spelling I`m European and English is my second language so I`m doing my best to type correctly I heard about Taylor Park already. Thx and I think you should read my post more carefully despite wrong spelling, because I didn`t ask where to ride but for hard core guys to ride with , anyway.....
  4. Hey guys I have just moved in to Denver area from NJ state. I was doing a lot of hare scramble series in NJ in Group A. I`m looking for guys riding single tracks and overall hard terrain. Than harder than better HELP ME !!!
  5. I have 06 yz 450f. I`v been riding last weekend and fell unfortunately. My left inner tube of the fork has little dent at the half wayto the bottom . Now When I`m going and the seal reach that point the fork is leaking oil. The only way to fix it is replace the inner tube ($207 just the part) Anybody can provide me step by step procedure to replace that thing ?
  6. astrofil

    2006 yz450f overheating problem

    I do not idle a lot, if I do it`s overheat. I do known it`s overheats couse is bubling and steam is going out.
  7. I have overheating problem with my 06 yz450f when I go into the woods or go on the low speeds . My body has a 2003 yz250 and has no any problem with overheating even if hi gets stack and has hard time to get out of the woods. Is something wrong with my bike or that`s normal becouse of not enough air flow at the low speeds. I have even replaced colant for Ice Cool antifreeze. After that runs little bit better but finally overheats in the woods. Anybody can give me some ideas ?